Never again to be found in the crevaces in our hearts and spirits,
Only the gifted can bring out its true potential.
Used for corrupted means, our ancestors took it away,
preventing them from being manipulated.

But soon, words of miracles escaped from our mouths,
travelling over the globe reaching others' ears.
Slowly, we woke up from our slumber,
opening our eyes to the mysteries with new angles.

Unspoken dreams became our reality,
unstoppable terror came out of our nightmares.
With no pause, we continued to feed our wishes
never thinking about the consequences before it become too late.

Those who understand our error in life
try their best to halt this mess.
But it is all in vain,
because our urges have no end.

What happened to our past selves?
How did we end up in this situation?
All we did was follow our desires,
but when our eyes close, all we see is darkness.

With our dreams unleased,
we can never again hope for more,
All we have in our sleep are nightmares,
speaking of destruction due to our hunger.

It is no wonder why our ancestors locked up our knowledge.
It is no wonder why only the gifted can bring its true potential.
It is also no wonder why we can no longer dream.
Our eyes are open, seeing only ourselves.