Chapter 1

Aurora's point of view:

The sun beats down on the pavement. I study the people around me, they are judging me, I can tell 0by the looks on their faces. Women pull their children closer to their sides. People are so judgemental.

"Hey Rory! How about Sushi for lunch?" perks up Lucia, my best friend, who I call Luce.


We walk along, Luce is bright and bubbly as always, her red hair shines like fire, burning ferociously, but I can see that behind her eyes, her grey eyes, she was missing something, a part of who she is. I ignore the stares, the snide comments people whisper about how I dress, my hair, and my general demeanour. I guess we seem like the two most unlikely of friends, but underneath all of the external, I know we're the same. Two lost souls, searching for something more, searching, yearning, we just chose different ways of dealing with the unknown.

"Here we are. I hear the Sashimi is to die for."

"I already agreed to come Luce, you don't need to sell it anymore."

She smiles broadly, she knows what I'm like, I guess I rarely smile and don't really get excited about anything in particular.

"These noodles are amazing, try some Rory," exclaims Luce, pieces of Udon noodle flying everywhere.

"I'm fine."

"So what's new? You seem downer then usual?"

"Nothing, works just hard you know."

"Mmm, I don't know why you work there, the guys are so dodgy."

"Pays the bills."

"I guess so," mumbles Lucia not in her usual spirits.

I can see something behind her eyes is still haunting her. I guess being on your own as a teenager is hard, Luce works mornings at the bakery, and afternoons as a waitress in a small cafe. The pay isn't the best, but it's enough to keep her going. I know how grateful she is that she was offered a full scholarship to her school. I guess I am in a similar boat, I work nights at a small bar, the people were horrible, but it pays reasonably well, enough for me to keep a small shack in the middle of nowhere. As different as we seem, we are both extremely intelligent and resourceful, our hardships brought us together, made us strong.



"Do you recognise that guy over there?" I ask indicating the door with my eyes.

Luce glances over and I follow her gaze to see a tall man in a black suit. His gaze directly on the two of us. Shivers run down my back.


"We should leave," I whisper as he starts to make his way across.

We stand, and manage to inconspicuously get out the front door. At the corner I looks back, he spots us and makes his way across the street.

"Lucia," I say, almost growling.

We run through the people, hoping he would get lost in the sea of faces, but he's always just behind.

Luce runs ahead, while I drag behind. She turns into an alley way before being caught face to face with more men in black suits. I stop dead next to her.

"What do they want?" whispers Luce.

The man who had been chasing them blocks the only exit, his suit perfect, not one crease. They move towards us.

"My Dad's a cop, he'll throw you in jail if you touch us!" yells Luce.

One man pulls out two envelopes. One with Aurora Nazarine and the other Lucia Smith, written in neat scripted hand writing. I study the men, sunglasses hide their eyes, the only window to the soul. Luce takes her envelope, as do I.

"Do not tell anyone of the contents of that letter," warns one of the men with a slight Japanese accent.

Luce nods. With that they enter the cars and tires screech out of the alley. Luce studies the letter, her face unsure. I study my friend, concern filling me.

"Come on, we'll head back to mine," I say.

We sit on the old torn couch, staring at the letters. There was something unnerving about them. I sigh and pick up my letter. I open it carefully, Luce's eyes widen as she watches my eyes scan the page. I can feel my face fold in on itself.

"What is it Rory?"

"I...I don't know."

Impatiently Luce rips open her letter without the same amount of care as I had. Her eyes read quickly. She shakes her head before re-reading the letter.

"It's an invitation to some kind of agency?" asks Luce to no one in particular, "I don't understand."

"There is a ticket to London as well, flying out tomorrow."

"Oh I so wanna go to London! Too bad we don't have passports."

"Lucia, I think this is one of those times when something is too good to be true."

"Yeah I guess, anyways, I'm going to bed. Night Aurora."

"Good night."

Lucia's point of view:

I watch the sky. The small shack did have a few structural problems, the hole in the roof of the small spare bedroom being one. But it wasn't raining and I don't mind it. I watch the stars as they glimmer, like diamonds on black velvet. I smile, everyone on Earth, no matter what their situation can enjoy these stars. It's the only joy everyone can experience for free. My heart sinks as I begin to realise that not everyone takes the time to experience their beauty. Lives not lived in awe of the surrounding nature, completely focused on self. Then and there I promise myself never to forget about the stars. Beyond them lie mystery and the unknown.

"London," I laugh, "Oh what secrets lurk on those streets."

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