Chapter 10

Aurora's point of view

I think Luce has finally lost it. Tanisha is over again, Drew and her seem to be getting pretty close. As soon as Tanisha stepped in the door Luce hid in her room. Colin has been acting weirder than usual as well, I still think Luce officially broke him. Sophia is banging on Luce's door. I get up and kick the door until it opens.

"Luce, are you just going to mope around here?"

"I think she's one of them!" she exclaims looking up from the paper on her bed.

"One of what?"

"Alien," she whispers.

She has defiantly lost it.

"What do you mean Lucie?" asks Sophia worriedly.

"Her eyes, they flash into cat eyes, just like Calix's."

"You called?"

We all jump to see Calix leaning against the window frame. Lucia's eyes flash white and I can tell she's too emotional to fight.

"Are there more of you?" I ask cautiously.

He smirks, "sure there are."

"A girl called Tanisha?" jumps up Luce, getting a little closer then I'd like her to.

He looks surprised so Luce keeps talking, "if you have girls, or are they called something else? People like me, Sophia and Aurora."

I cringe at her poor English, she may be the top of her class back home but English wasn't her strongest point.

"There isn't anyone like you," he says looking into Luce's eyes.

She seems confused, as if she isn't sure if she should be flattered or offended.

"Wha-what do you mean?"

The look in his eye fades, and it becomes his familiar menacing one. He lifts her chin, electricity bounces between her fingers.

"Don't get so grumpy," he smirks, "this is almost the same face you pulled last week when you saw your friend dancing with that girl."

Luce plunges her fingers into his chest. His limbs twitch, and a painful scream escapes his lips. She pulls her hand back. He groans as he goes to fall backwards. She grabs him and stops him from falling.

"Rory what did I do?" she whimpers as she pulls him in the window.

I am silenced. I look to Sophia, her face was blank. The sound of footsteps come up the hallway. Before Drew enters the room.

"Has anyone seen Tanisha?" he asks before focusing on Luce, Calix on her lap.

"I...I didn't mean to," stutters Luce.

I walk over to her, I knew she wouldn't handle this inevitable side of fighting.

"Relax, he'll bounce back," says the voice of a girl in the window.

She seemed familiar, but that was impossible. Pens and pencils rose from Luce's bed.

"Who are you?" asks Sophia.

"Tanis," she smiles before pens and pencils fire towards Luce.

An electrical barrier forms around her as she holds Calix closer. Tanis smirks.

"We'll be going then," she pulls Calix roughly off of Luce's lap.

He groans before they disappear. Luce sends me a look, she thinks that Tanisha is Tanis, I can tell. I shake my head at her and she looks frustrated.

"Drew?" calls Tanisha from down the hall.

"Over here."

"I don't want her near my room," growls Luce, only loud enough for me to hear her.

Tanisha smiles as she comes into the doorway. Her smile fades slightly as she examines the burning pens and pencils.

"You should be more careful with your powers Lucia, it's dangerous."

I have never seen sweet, cheerful, Luce so angry.

"Well maybe I wasn't just playing with my power but the aliens actually came here."

"Did they really? I mean yours is the only power visible, surely the others would also fight if aliens really did come."

"Come on Tanisha," urges Drew as they leave.

"That little."

"Luce," I cut her off.

"Surely you see it! Her eyes are the same. And surely she could come up with a name that isn't so similar. I mean Tanis, Tanisha. It's almost laughable!"

"Play nice," I warn.

She seems somewhat disappointed. I hate seeing her like this but what she's saying is absurd. I get a flash of a glare from her before she pushes past me and out the door.

"Rory, Lucie isn't mad at us is she?"

"No Sophia, just me."

Lucia's point of view

Sometimes Aurora can be so stupid. I know she has the same suspicion as I do. Tanisha disappeared just as Tanis showed up. Sure these aliens can teleport, but it can't just be a coincidence. I can see in both of their eyes they are the same. The same goals, same wants, same personality. It frustrates me even more that Aurora, of all people doesn't believe me. To make matters worse, what Tanisha or whoever said is getting to me. No one did come to help, it was just me. Drew did nothing, he always tried to protect me in some way, and even Aurora, who has always been there for me stood like a stunned mullet. I don't really blame Sophia, since I don't see how an animal could have come quick enough to save me from my own pencils. I walk down the halls and manage to get lost. We've been here for about two months and I still don't know my way around. I see a soft glow from a room so I walk in.

"Oh sorry," I say noticing Benjamin studying a computer screen.

"Don't be Luce, come in."

I walk in, I do like Benjamin, he's a good guy. I just don't like how he can pick my brain so easily.

"What's up?"

Here we go, "There's another alien. Tanis."

He nods, "Sophia told me, are you okay?"

I sit in a desk chair next to him and spin around a couple of times, "I guess I am. I shocked Calix up pretty bad. Is it wrong that I hope I didn't hurt him to much?"

"It's perfectly normal. Eli Quigly and most of the agency want to eliminate their species all together, though I think that's a big ask of some teenagers."

I nod, "I didn't realise the agency was so big."

He groans, "most of them don't do much, mainly cover stories for unusual events or picking up traces of alien activity."

I nod, "Is it possible that the aliens can take a human looking form?"

He turns to face me, eye brows raised, "Why?"

I shrug and stand, stumbling a little, my head was still a little dizzy.

"Don't worry too much about Drew. I suspect it will just be a phase," he says as I reach the door.

How does he do that?

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