Chapter 14

I wake in an empty room. My skin is sore and raw. I don't recognise where I am, but the place smells like cleaning liquid, and the bed is extremely uncomfortable. Women and men come in and change my sheets, clothes, they bathe me, and feed me. But not once do I see anyone I recognise. Then it hits me, what if no one else survived. Coldness consumes me. What if Tanis and Calix are about to win? I lose count of the days I was there. Eventually I am omitted from hospital. I walk out to the car park. I see no one so I sit on the curb and put my face into my knees. A dark 4WD drives up. Men in suits and sunglasses walk out. Like the ones Aurora and I saw on that first day. They don't speak to me, they just lead me to the car. We drive through streets I don't recognise. My mind is absent, I don't know where I am going, or where I am. Eventually we pull up somewhere I recognise. They lead me up the path to the familiar boarding house building I have lived in these past months. They walk me up to the door and stand either side of it. I open it and walk in, they remain outside. The place is dark and cold. I hear shuffling before I see Colin come out of the shadows.

"T-this way."

He leads me through to a room I haven't seen before. We were the only ones there.

"T-the others will be here soon."


He stops and turns, his face worried. I wrap my arms around him, "Thank you for helping out."

He doesn't return the hug, he just stands there frozen. I release him, he nods and runs out of the room.

I sit on the floor and place my head in my knees. Light floods the room as the door is opened.

"LUCIA!" exclaims Sophia as she runs in.

I look up, and see a group of people. Looking rather tired and hurt. They all come over and hug me. I cry.

"They wouldn't let us visit," cries Aurora.

She rarely cries for anything.

"They've become scared since the attacks," says Aden.

I grip tighter to Aurora. Eventually, one by one, they all peel off. I look around and study their faces. But there is one missing.

"Where's Drew?"

Benjamin looks at the ground.

"What happened to him?" I demand.

"Since the fires there have been other major attacks, Drew was badly hurt."

My eyes water, "Where is he?"

"You can't see him, the agency won't let you in."

"Screw the agency!" I say standing.

"I will not fight for an agency who sits on their backsides while we risk out lives. They have no right to stop me," I say before walking out of the room.

As I enter the hallway two men stand in front of me.

"You cannot see Mr. Drew Acres."

I look down at the ground, "let me pass."

"You cannot."

I look up, dig my fingers into their solar plexus. Electricity shoots through their bodies, they aren't dead, but they are unconscious on the ground. I hear voices of more men yelling so I run. I run through the halls towards Drew's room. A man is standing at his door, I know my eyes flash white because the look of terror on his face says it all, he steps aside and I walk inside. Drew lies on the bed, tubes of liquid are connected to the back of his hands. His mouth in an oxygen mask. The monitor beside him beeps in time to his heart beat.

"Drew!" I exclaim running over to his bed.

I fall to my knees and bury my face into his bed. What happened while I was in hospital? The agency had taken over nearly every aspect of this building, everyone was bruised and bandaged, and now Drew. I cry. I feel warmth on my fingers. I look up, his eyes were open, his faced moved into what I assume was an attempted smile. I grip onto his hand as tears fall down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," I whisper.

He squeezes my hand. I want to wrap myself around him and never let go. The sound of an opening door causes me to spin around. My fingers ready to fire at anyone who dares to try to pull me away. The woman looks slightly startled, my fingers are squeezed and I turn back to him.

"Good, he's awake," says the woman kindly.

I stare at his fingers as I fiddle with them. I love him. I disregard any attempt to forget him. I don't care about what he's done, his false judgements, our arguments. There is something inside me which makes me love him.

"He will be okay now," she says.

I look up at her as she starts to disconnect the tubes.

"Are you sure he doesn't need them?" I ask worriedly.

She smiles at me, "I'm sure, they were just a precaution to make sure his recovery was complete."

I sink back down to my knees and place my forehead on his hand.

"How did you get past the guards?" she asks me.

I hesitated, "I kind of electrocuted two and scared the other. They aren't dead though!" I say looking up at her.

She laughs, I turn my face to Drew, his eyes were locked on me. I can't make out what's behind them. She takes off the rest of the tubes and oxygen mask. Before coming back in with a needle.

"Is that for Drew?" I ask worriedly.

She smiles, "yes."

I breath out. As she nears his arm I bury my face into the bed. Even the sight of needles sends shivers up my spine. A hand is placed on my head.

"I'll let the others know they can visit now."

"Thank you," says Drew.

I hear the door open and shut but I don't look up.

"Lucia," he whispers.

I look up, he doesn't look as sick anymore. I curse myself for not realising these feelings earlier, and I curse myself again for not being able to admit them now. He looks at me warmly. I stand up holding his hand. His skin was rough. He sits up and pats the bed beside him. I study the space, as I feel his eyes studying me. I sit down next to him. This whole thing is unreal. I refuse to believe it. I want to go to sleep and wake up, back on that first day. I feel my chin quiver as his body wraps around me. I cry into his chest. I don't know how long I am there. I hear the door open and I pull back slightly, wiping away the tears. Drew's eyes focus on me as the others come up to his bedside.

"How are you feeling?" asks Benjamin.

"Better," he says, eventually taking his eyes off of me looking up at the others.

"We are all back together!" exclaims Sophia.

"We all need rest, before something worse happens," says Benjamin.

Benjamin ushers Sophia out of the room. I look up, Aurora seems concerned, and Aden seems to be thinking.

"It's been quiet without you Lucia. Almost got used to it."

I glare at him, "you're a jerk."

He sighs and smirks, "guess it's too much to ask for more quiet hey?"

I glare at him still, he chuckles. He waves and walks out. Aurora smiles weakly.

"You need to stop scaring me Luce."

"I can't promise anything Rory, but I can promise that I will try my hardest not to," I say holding up my pinky.

She laughs and shakes it. She leaves the room. I feel Drew's arm still wrapped around me. I go to leave but he grips harder.

"Please stay," he whispers.

I study his face as tiredness creeps across it.

"You need rest."

"Just, stay," he says lying down.

I nod and lie next to him. I snuggle into him as his arm wraps around me. He falls asleep quickly. I'm not completely certain on what this means, but I feel safe and warm, so I fall asleep.

I wake in the middle of the night, a soft glow outside catches my eye. I crawl out of bed, careful not to wake Drew. I glance out of the window, it opened up to a view of the disintegrating gazebo. This must be how Drew catches me when I sneak out late at night. I see Calix sitting on top of one of the pillars. I feel anger towards him, was he the one who hurt Drew? I glance through the crack of the door, I see the shadow of two men standing guard. I sigh and turn back to the window. I quietly lift it, making sure not to wake Drew. Once its open I step out, I scale down the vines which rose over the walls. I sneak across to the gazebo. I look up at Calix as he studies the sky.

"Did you hurt my friend?" I ask him sternly.

He glances down towards me and shakes his head. I notice the scars, and the bruises which covered his body. He seemed sad.

"Then who? And How?"

"Tanis, she came back to him as Tanisha. He rejected her, she was furious and attacked him as Tanis. At first the aim was to emotionally gain advantage, but it seems he feels nothing for her," he says thoughtfully.

I sigh, he was being very open.

"What happened to you?" I ask softly.

His mouth becomes more downturned, "When she found out you were alive, she..."

"Punished you," I sigh and lean against a pillar.

He floats down and stands a few metres away from me. He seems angry. Angry that I am alive, angry that he couldn't kill me. I look up at him, my own anger had disappeared, I felt sympathy for him.

"Sometimes, when I think about it, I think this world would be better in your people's hands. I am sorry we have not offered you refuge when you needed it. I am sorry that it's come to this," I pause.

The whistle of the wind fills the silence between us. I study his face, it was less angry now.

"We screwed up this planet, and sure you could do a better job looking after it. But these are innocent lives you threaten. Sooner or later someone is going to be killed. I don't want to fight, but as long as lives continue to be threatened I will defend them. I only hope your people find a home of their own soon enough. No one, human or alien should suffer from homelessness," I say looking directly into his eyes.

He seems saddened, "Then the war continues," he says before disappearing.

I sigh and blink away the tears. I look up at the window, I will fight until the end. I climb back up, Drew is still sound asleep, though he seems troubled. I close the window and creep over to him. I lie next to him and cuddle into him, I feel his body relax.

"The war continues," I whisper before closing my eyes.

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