Chapter 8

Aurora's point of view

I sit in my bedroom. A long awkward drive back was followed by several awkward days. I watch the stars in the sky. No clouds. I remember all the times Lucia would tell me that every star was someone's dream alight. I smile at the memory.

"I wish my thoughts were as beautiful as yours," I whisper.

I close my eyes, trying to have a beautiful thought. But my mind is corrupted with worry, and fear. Fearing when Calix will hit next, fearing what will be thrown at us. Surely this hit and miss game can't go on forever? Maybe he was assessing us. We still have no idea what his weapons are, but he is gaining knowledge about ours. The sound of a soft clink of a door handle grabs my attention. Lucia stands there in her boxer shorts and baggy shirt.

"I couldn't sleep," she whispers.

"Me neither," I reply shuffling over.

Lucia sits next to me, watching electricity bounce between her fingers.



"What happens when a star dies?"

Lucia looks out the window, she frowns. I try to read her, like Aden can do so easily, but I find nothing.

"Some ones dreams died," she whispers.

I study her face. This isn't what Lucia id usually like. She was usually so bubbly and bright. But now, she was grumpy and sad.

"What's wrong Luce?"

She looks up into my eyes, "what if we can't win?" she whispers.

"We can Luce."

"No, what if we lose? Or worse, what if they are in a horrible place and we could help them instead of fighting? Do you think he has a family?"

"Lucia, I'm sure talking was the first option, but remember he attacked us, we are just defending."

"But we don't know what he's capable of?"

Drew's point of view

I stand outside the door and listen. I wouldn't usually eves drop, but I was doing my nightly check up and heard whispering.

"What's wrong Luce?"

"What if we can't win?"

"We can Luce."

"No, what if we lose? Or worse, what if they are in a horrible place and we could help them instead of fighting? Do you think he has a family?"

"Lucia, I'm sure talking was the first option, but remember he attacked us, we are just defending."

"But we don't know what he's capable of?"

After a while the whispering dies down to a soft snore. I worried about them. About what they were up against, what they would have to face. There has to be more of them, more aliens, I conclude as I continue down the hallway.

"I promise, no harm will come to any of you," I whisper looking back at the dorm rooms.

Lucia's point of view

I skip down the stairs with Sadie. I was taking her home today, she can finally be reunited with her family. But, I am determined to make sure she will be safe there. We go to head out the door but Drew is standing in the way, arms crossed and scowling.

"Where do you think you are going?"

I scowl back at him, "I am taking Sadie home. Now please move."

"Don't be late."

"Late for what?"

He smirks slightly, "late for your dress fitting."

I feel like a bullet has gone through my head.

"What dress?"

"Oh Lucie, you will look so pretty in a dress."

I glare at Drew, I barely wear dresses, in fact it took quite a bit of effort to bring myself to wear this stupid skirt.

"I don't wear dresses."

"You will tomorrow night. Now don't be late," he steps away from the door and Sadie pulls me though.

"I refuse to wear a dress, you're lucky I'm wearing this stupid skirt!" I yell as he closes the door.

I spend half of the walk hating on Drew in my head, until I noticed where we were. There were tall houses, mansions, manicured lawns, and perfectly shaped bushes. This was very different to what I was used to seeing. Sadie leads me up to a gate and stops.

"Is this your home?"

She nods uncertainly. I press the bell.

"Who is there?" asks a man over the intercom.

"Umm, Lucia Smith, and Sadie. I found her and am bringing her home," I say back.

Several minutes passed with nothing but silence over the intercom.

"Come in," said the voice as the gates opened.

I smile down at Sadie, she looks nervous, and excited at the same time. We walk up the long driveway to the large stone house. It was one of the larger ones on the street and it was truly magnificent. The front door was open, and in it stands a brunette woman and a dark haired man. The woman grips onto the man's arm before running up and embracing Sadie.

"Sadie my sweet," she exhales as she starts to cry.

"Are you Miss. Smith?" asks the man as he walks up, I can tell he desperately wants to hug his daughter.

"Yes I am."

He hugs me, I am startled for a second before I lightly wrap my arms around him as well. It was rather awkward, but nice at the same time.

"Thank you," he says before joining in the hug with his wife and Sadie.

I decide now is the time for my silent getaway. Just as I am about ten metres from the hugging family Sadie comes up and wraps herself around my leg.

"Thank you Lucie! I promise I won't run away again," she smiles up at me broadly.

I crouch down and give her a hug, "your parents love you Sadie, as do I."

I kiss her forehead before leaving. I know she'll be okay, but I also know this isn't the end of our friendship. I will be here for her whenever she needs. But right now, she needs her parents. I smile, and I am glad.

"OW!" yells Aurora as another pin pierces her skin.

"It wouldn't hurt if you stopped moving," growls Annah, she was fitting our dresses.

I stand in front of the mirror as the blue satin hugs my figure. The deep blue, one shoulder, floor length, satin dress falls perfectly. Around my waist was a delicate design of white beads and diamantes. It was stunning, I spin a couple of times and watch the dress flare. I turn to face Aurora, she was being fitted into a black, knee length, chiffon cocktail dress. I can't help but feel slightly over dressed. We haven't even been told what we are wearing these dresses to. Sophia comes running in, in a baby pink knee length dress which looks like a marshmallow has eaten her.

"Lucia? Can you help me?" she asks holding up the strapless dress.


I zip up the back and help adjust it so it fits properly. I indicate for her to spin and she does with a big grin.

"How are the boy's looking?" I ask her, pulling down the bottom of her dress which got caught.

"Like penguins. They look funny, and none of them can do up their ties," she giggles.

I roll my eyes playfully. The door opens. I glace back at Aurora who looks like she could kill whoever just walked in.

"DON'T YOU KNOCK!" she snaps, "OW!"

"Stand still."

"Annah, we need help with these," says Drew fiddling with his tie.

I roll my eyes and shake my head at Sophia which makes her giggle. I stand up and walk towards him.

"Here," I say.

I adjust his tie and start to do it up. I can feel my cheeks start to burn, being so close to Drew gives my stomach butterflies. Also being this close reminds me how short I am. I can feel his eyes watching me, though I'm sure all he can see is the top of my head. As soon as I finish I spin around, hoping he didn't see me blush.

"Thanks," he says before the door closes.

I collapse into the chair, Sophia comes up and sits next to me, grinning. I raise my eyebrows asking her the silent question. But she just turns to face Aurora and Annah. Once Aurora is finally finished she sighs and falls back into the chair.

"Never again," she sighs. I laugh.

My face is being attacked by makeup, and my hair is being pulled out of its roots. I can only hope Aurora isn't going through this kind of horrible pain. My eye has been poked and prodded, trying to get eyeliner and mascara on. I don't usually wear make-up so my eyes twitch whenever they are touched. Finally I am freed. I knock on Aurora's door. I open it. She looks stunning. Her hair falling loosely over her shoulders, her makeup consisting of blue, pinks, and purples.

"You look amazing," I exclaim.

She stands and walks over to me, "I'm going to have to smash the guys who come and hit on you."

It takes a little while for me to realise what she said, I think it was a compliment. Her face was fully serious so I try to smile at her.

"I-it's time to g-go," stutters Colin from the door way.

I turn to face him and his cheeks flush pink. I smile and walk over. I kiss him on the cheek, leaving red lipstick on his cheek.

"You look adorable Colin," I smile.

I walk past him and Aurora catches up to me.

"I think you broke him," she says.

I laugh and spot Annah.

"Annah! Thank you so much, what you think?" I ask twirling.

As much as I hate dresses in general, I will admit I love this one.

"You two look amazing," she smiles, "My work here is done."


Sophia, Aurora and myself wait at the door for the guys. Who'd think that we'd be ready before the guys. Benjamin and Aden appear. I can see their eyes (mainly Aden's) roam over us. I glance at Aurora who blushes slightly. I struggle to keep my jaw from dropping to the ground. Aurora and Aden? The idea causes my stomach to almost spit up its contents, Aden? Really Aurora? Colin and Drew finally come around the corner. Drew's tie still not tied.

"Let's get going," says Benjamin happily.

"Lucia?" calls Drew before we leave.


He looks like he's being strangled by his tie, "can you please help me?" Is he blushing? I thought it was only me who blushed. But his cheeks are definitely pink.

I nod and carefully do up his tie. I smile up at him before turning, he grabs my wrist before I turn back around at him.

"You look beautiful."

Oh no. My cheeks are burning. I almost got away without feeling butterflies.

"You don't look to bad either."

I walk out the front. The chauffeurs decided they needed to pee so we are standing near the cars. I notice Drew frowning at Colin.

"Colin?" he says, I can tell he's trying to be quiet about it, but he's failing.

Colin looks distressed. I try to look as if I'm not watching Drew's head almost explode as he breaths in and out. He points to Colin's cheek. I bite my lip, trying not to laugh. My lipstick was still clearly on his cheek.

"What's that?"

Wait! Does this mean Drew is jealous of me possibly kissing Colin's cheek? Colin looks at me, distressed. I want to help the poor thing, but I don't know what I can say or do. Colin can't speak so he just points at me. Drew follows his finger and his eyes lock with mine. I feel my jaw drop. I manage to pull myself together enough to try to smile.

"What, are you jealous Drew?" Aurora asks rather snidely.

Now it was Drew's turn to be surprised.

"Hey the chauffeurs are back," I say trying to avoid all the gazes.