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"I made it my thing to annoy Yvonne whenever I could. She was just so cute when someone made her squirm. Or when someone made her smile. Or laugh. Or when she was mad. Okay, so she was cute like all the time and I couldn't help it! I did anything I could if it meant Yvie would notice me. Sure, she didn't like me too much at the start, but we had a connection. She knew it just as well as I did. We had something.

"Today would have been Yvie's birthday. She would be turning 24. Yvie's older than me by hmmm… let me think… well about 19 months. Yeah, that's about right. I've known her since grade school…"

"Corey, where going to need you to speed it up a little, like you know, around the time she went MIA," Inspector Reed said.

Corey nodded, propping his arms onto the table that was in front of him then leaning his chin into his hands. He hated remembering this time of his life more than anything. "Of course, sorry about that Reed."

Reed nodded then gestured for Corey to resume his story.

"Well, as you know, the two of us were recruited by the Aganci as a pair. Everyone knew we worked better that way. My planning and her aim, it was simply perfect. We were the golden pair. I remember I told her we could be more than just the golden pair, with a suggestive eye brow wiggle of course. Haha, she got so mad that she almost shot me right in the…."

"Corey," Reed said warning him that he was going off track. Corey blinked and the smile on his face that came with the reminiscing dissolved.

"Sorry. It just opens up a lot of memories when I think about finding Yvie again. It's been so long. You know what I mean right Reed? After you lost Jonah, it must have been hard for you to think about him."

The inspector sighed looking down at the boy's face. He'd aged so much since he had last seen him.

"We can still find her Corey," Reed assured. "We WILL find her."

Corey shook his head and rested his forehead in his hands. "I… I don't know if I can have faith in this anymore Reed. It's been 3 years already. 3 whole years without my Yvonne. I feel like… like it's time I let go."

Reed punched Corey who fell off his chair onto the concrete floor. Corey looked up at him in disbelief to see the man with creases of worry in his forehead. "Don't ever EVER lose faith. If there's anything the Aganci can do, they will do it. We're here for you man."

Corey smiled. "You're right," he muttered getting back in his chair. "Thank you for that."

"Can you continue or…"

"Yes, of course." Corey closed his eyes tightly, preparing himself mentally to say what he hadn't told anyone about that last mission that they had taken together. He took in a deep breath. He opened his eyes and once again began to speak.

"The last mission that Yvie, Jonah and I went on was in the Himalayas. The snow was a few inches deep, and still coming… our mission was to find Fudo and capture him alive."

Reed creased his brow. "As in THE Fudo?"

Corey nodded. "Didn't Jonah tell you?"

Reed shook his head. "Jonah said it was confidential. Couldn't tell anyone outside the assigned team."

The boy nodded. "Well, that's true I guess."

"But why the Aganci have put a team of BEID against Fudo? He's one of Craig Johnson's top men…Wouldn't it have been more efficient to send KTA?"

Corey nodded. "That's what we all thought as well. We were still novices. We weren't prepared for the real deal; not someone like Fudo. He's the fucking leader of team K in the Hex."

Reed looked genuinely confused. "You're right. As great as you two were, you were nowhere near ready to face of them."

Corey nodded. "Yvie tried to talk us into rejecting the mission but I was too stubborn and Jonah said that he believed we could really do it. She was right of course. She always is.

"The night we left, Yvie tried one last time to convince us but we just laughed it off, telling her she over worried. Anyways, we had tracked down the core of the Hex who were at that time hiding out in some bungalow in the middle of the snow. The only thing we had to do was get him. Pull him out quickly from his room before anyone noticed. We never expected that THAT was going to happen."

Off the record, Corey remembered their last minutes together as a group.

Jonah nodded in the direction to move and the two younger agents followed quickly.

"You guys wait a sec" Yvonne said walking beside Corey as a gush of wind blew the snow at them.

"What's it?" Corey asked giving her half his attention. Yvonne gave Jonah a quick look, communicating with him silently.

"I'm not here," he said taking a step backward.

"Rey, I need to tell you something before we go," She said staring at him straight in his eyes.

"Sure, of course. What is it?"

"Well, I really… I know you're always so nice to me and you're like, my bestest friend in the whole world. I mean, when my parents died and you were always there for me and I honestly back then thought you were kind of a douche but then you turned out to be really nice… and well, I guess we didn't real-" "Yvie,you look so cute right now and I really wish I could listen to you ramble, but we really don't have time… the mission is waiting and my balls are going to freeze off if we're in the snow any longer than we have to."

She started giggling nervously. "Sorry. I just … tried to stall for time. I'm a tad nervous. I want you to know before we went in; you're all I have left Rey. I… I love you."

Corey felt a smile crawl up his lips. He had imagined this moment so many times. He didn't think it would ever happen but well, he guessed maybe good things happen even to bad people perhaps. He leaned in to her, placing his arms around her waist, which was thicker than usual thanks to their insulating jacket. "I've been for you to say that for so long," he whispered right before pressing his lips on hers in a gentle manner. She leaned in as they made contact. It felt so damn good to have her heat against him in this storm. They eventually pulled apart with smiles on both of their faces.

"I love you too Yvie."

Almost instantly, Jonah reappeared. "Aww ain't it just so sweet to be young!" The two of them gasped at the sudden re-appearance of their superior.

"Shut up Jonah, you're only 2 years older than me!" Yvie grunted.

"Meaning I'm 4 years older than Rey Rey over there and also, did you just tell your superior and mentor to shut up?"

"Eww, Don' call me Rey Rey. It's disgusting coming from your mouth Jonah."

Jonah pretended to be taken aback. "Don't be such a homophobe Corey!"

Corey's mouth dropped open. "When have I ever been a homophobe?"

"Well, last time you were complaining when you walked in on Jonah and Reed making out," Yvie mentioned.

"But I find all forms of PDA yuck. It shouldn't be allowed."

"Not when you're the one doing it," Jonah snorted. Corey blushed at the comment causing the other two to laugh.

"That is completely different."

"You're such a hypocrite Corey," Jonah laughed. Then his eyes widened. "Corey look out!"

Corey closed his eyes harder as the memory returned to him. Damn, was he wrong when he though something good was finally happening…

"Corey?" Reed asked when he noticed it had been a while since the boy had talked.

"Sorry. Just got distracted… we were ambushed. We definitely didn't see it coming. It was our fault though. We were dumb enough to let our guard down on enemy territory. They knew we were coming Reed. They knew. If this was like one of those cartoons, we could have whooped there asses. But we aren't like that. We're only human so we aren't granted that ability.

"Jonah was the one who noticed the ambush. Someone had shot at my head and he pushed me out of the way. Obviously, since it was Jonah, he was able to get off of that unharmed. I… I was such a coward. I froze up for like, a whole minute before I was able to move again. It was an absolutely hopeless situation for us. It must have been like 100 people. All armed. They just seemed to keep on coming and coming. No matter how many of them we shot or wounded, more and more just came at us."

Corey closed his eyes before continuing his story again. He couldn't do it. He couldn't tell anyone the end of this story. It was too wrong. He wasn't even sure it really happened. It was cold and he was tired. Corey had thought this over time and time again over the course of the last couple of years. He convinced himself that what he saw wasn't real. Tears prickled his eyes as he opened his mouth again.

"Reed I don't know if I can do this after all," he muttered trying to conceal his tears. Corey felt the man's hand on his back as if to comfort him.

"It's okay. Take your time," Reed said quietly. Damn, how had that man seen through him so easily? It was the same as with Jonah. Perhaps they were just really good at noticing.

Corey took a few deep breathes. Should he say it? But then wouldn't that be like admitting what he saw was real? But it was… no he had more faith than that. He shouldn't say it. Should he? The thought of telling someone what he thought he had seen was so daunting. It was the memory he wanted to keep most but the memory he wanted the least.

"Th… there's one thing… I… I saw before I passed out. If I tell you, can we keep it off the record?"

Reed nodded. "As your… dead ex-mentor's boyfriend as well as being an old friend, you're more to me than just any other agent. I swear that Aganci won't hear about it unless you want them to."

Corey almost smiled as he turned his focus to the table below him. "A… Aganchi agent Yvonne Tauk… I saw her…sh… shoot me and Jonah with the sleeping poison. She went to the Hex agent's side… th… then someone said 'good job Tauk' a… they… this man… he held a gun to us 'nd then Yvonne said to leave us….. since the cold would … the cold would… do… do the job for them."

He could barely get the words out of himself. It seemed as if because he had said it out loud, it was much more real. It made it seem as if what had seen Yvonne do actually happened.

Reed was shocked by the words he had just heard come out of Corey's mouth. He knew that that boy adored Yvonne more than his own life! How hard it must have been for Corey to have been thinking about that all alone for the last 3 years.

"If the BEID reinforcements hadn't come, Jonah and I would've died… although Jonah died on his next mission anyway."

Corey looked up at Reed once again to see the man's downcast eyes. He must've been confused. Who wouldn't be after hearing about a claim of treachery… about the person he loved most in the world. An accusation about the best female shooter agent the Aganci's BEID ever had. The currently MIA agent name Yvonne Tauk.