From the Records of Journalist Dan Johnson CNN Conflict Conflict; 0500hrs to 2330hrs Friday March 24, 2013

Many of us are aware of the DenCan Conflict, a Blitzkrieg that only lasted eighteen hours and changed the lives of many. As a result, the Canadian Forces re-established their repuatation as a force to be reckoned with on global scale, rising Canada to one of the world's leading super powers. How ever, there are events of this war turned away from the public eye, until now ten years after the Dublin Accords. Details, although not complete revealed that there was an elite North American Unit at the very forefront of this conflict. A unit that still exists to this day, the names of the Operators and the actual designation still remains classified, all that we have learnt is that the unit's code name was Reaper.

According to declassified press footage the "Reaper"'s battle began days before the Canadian government first deployed the Canadian Expeditionary Force over to Denmark. On March 21, 2013, the Reaper's were attacked by a Danish Special Operations Unit on Orange beach, recently declassified mission orders states that the Danish Crown had sent a force on a snatch and grab of a Canadian Citizen on Orange Beach, Alabama. The Canadian Citizen was with the Reaper's. Depending on who you ask, the Reaper's or any ex-Danish Intelligence they will give you a different story, the Reaper's claim that they were fired upon first, the Danish Special Operations team who was wiped out during the attack claimed that they were recieving fire from the beach, thus engaging with greater force. The name of their target and the reason for the operation is still classified to this day.

During this report, Correspondent Johnson disappearred, efforts of locating him were called off from the highest level, he was rumored to be investigating his story on the DenCan conflict further, he disappeared in Copenhagen, Danish Territory, Canada.