Epilogue- 15 Years Later;

"Dad can we please stop and eat somewhere, my feet are killing me and my stomach is growling," Nora complained,

"Nora you just had a salad from the hotel five minutes ago," I griped, she may of been her mothers daughter, but she had her father's metabolism.

"Daddy please," i looked at her, she gave me the puppy eyes that she always shot at me, I looked at Kirsten, then Nora's younger sister chimed in, both of them at the same time, I knew I didn't stand a chance,

"Fine, we'll stop at the pastry shop just up the road," I looked at them both, "You know that's going to stop working someday,"

"Well I'll use it while it works," I smiled, we were visiting the Danish Territory, which had been remarkably peaceful over the last 15 years. The government gave it a fair shot at reconstruction after we burnt it to the ground,

"Uncle Jason said they'll never stop working on you dad," Hallie added, for a ten year old, she was extremely smart and learnt extremely quick,

"So did Auntie Terri,"

"I'm going to have to talk with Aunt Terri and Uncle Jason the second we get back to MacDill then."

We were re-stationed at the JSOC Central Command at MacDill Airforce Base, Tampa, Florida, it was our pernament home after the DenCan conflict, it was awesome, no snow, temperature was always good, a great community to raise the girls and we were with our friends. Not bad in my books. I opened the door to the pastry shop, "Ah yes children come in, come in." the shop owner smiled (we've been there once or twice since we arrive the previous week). Hallie was already drooling over the Danish's and muffins, while Nora was eyeing the brownies, cookies, and scones. "This is where you come in daddy big bucks," Kirsten joked, yeah I was making an honest mans living working for JSOC, plus all the bonus pay I recieved for my accolades, we could afford a nice trip every once in awhile. After Hallie and Nora picked out their pasties, I handed the shop keep the cash, just as I turned around, I watched as a F-150 VelociRaptor Armored Personell Vehicle scream past the shop, Kirsten saw it to,

"How many VelociRaptors are in the UK?"

"Three, and the only people who have them are NASOF," I pulled out my phone and contacted the local Commander,

"This is Jaguar,"

"Jaguar, this is Hawk, authenticate Lima six, I just saw a APV blow down the street,"

"Possible leak on DenCan Conflict, Rhino Team has it handled."

I hung up and finished paying the shop keep, i brushed the sighting of the VelociRaptor off, and continued my vacation with my family.