New Beginnings...

I lay on the floor. My Blackberry stretched out in front of me. I was bored out of my mind and had nothing to do.

"I'll take that!" Jake retorted.

Did I forget to mention that I was the youngest of six and the only girl too? Yeah, my life sucks.

Jack and Liam were hogging the TV. Daniel was sleeping on the whole couch while David was casually drawing on his face. Jordan had just taken my phone which was what I regarded as theft.

"Give it back! That's unfair Jake!" My temper flared and bright green eyes flashed dangerously.

My fists curled by my side and Jake froze a smile playing on his lips. He lowered my phone onto the table and brought up his fists. We settled everything with a fist-fight. Violence was the answer to us. It would get us all into trouble one day but I'd cross that bridge when I finally get to it.

Jake lunged for my stomach but I easily jumped over him catching his forehead with my boot. 'Crap. I'm done for!' I thought. He flew at me again but met my fist crunching against his nose. We should have left it there but no, it was not over yet. By now I swear I had broken my finger and had a slit of blood along my cheek. Jake, well, he had a busted nose, a dead arm, and many other injuries mainly to his face. I went for him but his fist caught the side of my nose, splintering the bone.

We agreed on leaving it there and started to clear up our mess.

I launched a pillow at Daniel waking him up.

"Hurry up you douche! We've got to tidy up!" I shouted.

"Ok, Okay. Calm down Megs." Replied Daniel, yawning.

Megs. That's me. The youngest of all of us and trust me; living with five boys and dad isn't easy! Especially when you pick up their bad habits.

David looked quizzingly at me and I smiled at him. Of all of us I was his favourite. We talked with our eyes, he was my brother but like my best friend. It was us against everyone else and no-one doubted that we wouldn't win.

It took us two whole hours to clean the house but dad didn't come home alone that night. He stumbled in with a figure in his arms. I tried to scream but nothing came out. It was like my voice had leaked out. A hand settled on my shoulder. It was David, he settled me, I calmed down before I realised that Papa carried a girl about Liam's age in his arms. Who the hell was she?!

That was one year ago. Everything is different now. Dad adopted Lea. She's Liam's age so 3 years older than me but way too girly. I started Mill Hill 2 terms ago and love it. David comes here too but he's in the year above me so I hardly see him anymore. The best thing about Mill Hill is Toby (technically Toby goes to Mill Hill County so he isn't really in Mill Hill). I've been with him for months and he's really fit.

He's better than anyone in Mill Hill… Well everyone except Louis. They may fight a lot but they both love me now! It's just so hard! I fight my own fights and everyone knows it. One big problem is my temper. It's gotten shorter since coming to this school. I don't get why, it just happened!

That's the worst. I may miss JBS but I must learn to move on from that place. Jake left Mill Hill last year but I don't know where he is now. I get a card from him every week. It's a different place every time. I guess he's joined the Army or something. I'll never understand him.

We've gotten on with our lives but without Jake everything seems boring. Jack is due to leave school soon. Our days are numbered, he always said and now I finally understand what he meant. He knows that he and the boys corrupted me but he wants little me to be happy again.

Dan thinks the exact same. He was the one who pointed out to David that I'd become different. Dan's GCSEs were closing in on him and he was worried sick about me?! What has happened?!

I was the kid that no-one cared about. That's why you have to keep screaming until they hear you out…