I never knew life would ever be . . . detailed.

You never knew what would happen next, and never know what to do.

All I know is . . .

Everything happens for a reason, therefore, there's a reason why we're all alive.

Why we smile, why we cry.

My story is a rather long one, with the sadness and happiness mixing together to create my life.

[ Chapter 1: Changes ]

My heart was pounding rapidly, growing faster each second as I kept gazing. My eyes depicted every aspect
as my mind adored those features.

It was him, walking towards me with a slight smile, greeting me with such kindness.

" So, I guess we have a couple of classes together," he said, showing me his bright, hidden smile, " I'll catch you
'round kay?" Waving goodbye, he ran off towards his class, leaving me speechless in the middle of the hall. I
brushed my soft silky dark hair to the side, feeling my cheeks burn more.

It was the start of my first year in middle school, a year in which I would have never imagined what would
happen. Changes were already happening as we were obliged to wear a uniform, collered shirts with slacks or
a skirt of a simple shade. I tugged onto my skirt, the feeling of my pounding heart still within me. Taking a
deep breath, I pushed my glasses inwards and checked my class schedule. The bolded print of the letters
spelled out "Science Room 001".

My eyes scanned throughout the hallway, trying to find room 001.

To my surprise, the room was on my left side with a motivational poster taped onto the door.

Let's see how this will all work out . . .

The same procedure was repeated so far in all my classes with generic first day of school questions:

"What's your name? What school did you come from? What do you like to do?" etc.

By the time lunch came, the questions were already burned into my mind while I shuffled papers to have
signed in a lavender colored folder.

I walked towards the cafeteria with my stomach growling, sounding like a whale.

" Hey Ashia! " A cheerful voice behind me emerged. I turned around to see a good friend of mine, Lydia, smiling
at me. Her locks of golden hair complimented her beautiful green eyes. She was pale as snow, her creamy
skin was something I have always admired from her.

Lydia was shorter than me, yet at the time she was three years older than me, since she transfered from
Russia. Her accent wasn't that noticable because she learned the English language rapidly when she first
came here at the 4th grade. Like every new person, people would try to talk to her, however, that wasn't the
case with her. No one really talked to her since she didn't know how to speak English. Despite that fact, I was
the one who waited for her to walk pass me and greeted her with a hello, not caring if she understood or
not. I remember what made me like her. She bit one of my biggest bullies in line once, and was sent to the
office. During class, the teacher rudely talked about how she is adopted by a wealthy lady in our town and
since she is a forgeiner, she apparently doesn't know common sense. Wanting to protect her from rude
people like that, I befriended her, and since then, we've became really close friends.

I smiled back. " Hello Lydia, want to help me find a seat for us?" I asked, swinging my lunch bag around. She
nodded and took my hand, running to a table already occupied with two other girls.

I blinked a couple times more than usual.

I was never a social or outgoing girl. Lydia was my only girl friend at the time, since most of the girls I have to
be around were all about boys, looks and going out. I for one was that one weird girl. An anime freak who
loved to draw, play an instrument and more. From a young age, I was scarred by all girls, yet this didn't start
with girls at school. No . . . it started with something else.

" Ashia, I would like to introduce you to Janette and Amber." Lydia's elegant voice fluttered, showing me two
girls sitting down. Since she was learning English rapidly and had a wealthy mother, talking in a proper manner
was becoming her part of her personality. I looked over to the girls who were already eating their lunches.

Janette was an average girl, gorgeous I can say. Her short brown hair that reached to her shoulders seemed
really soft and healthy. She had what girls would call beauty marks on her face, and her skin was milky pale.

Amber on the other hand was something different. The aura she gave off was mixed to me, yet she was
nice. She had amazing long brown hair, and she was really pale too. I guess I was the only tan one at the time.

" Hey, nice to meet you." They both said as I smiled back in return. Lydia and I sat down and began eating as well.

I soon found out that they both went to the same elementary school, so it makes sense they would sit
together for lunch on the first day of being in a new school.

While eating, I couldn't help but gaze around. I found him eating silently with other guys who were loud and
seemed like having a good time.

For the rest of the day, I thought nothing more than him. After school ended, I said good bye to my new
friends and walked outside where the elementary school I went to was right nextdoor with their play ground.
I sat on one of the swings and started to swing, looking up at the clear blue sky I've always admired.

Ahh . . . why couldn't I go a period of time without thinking about him?

Jasper. Jasper is his name.

Jasper is my childhood friend. At 3 years old, I knew I was going to like him for a long time. We would always
play together, laugh together and talk. On the contrary, I would never talk to him about any of my issues. I
fear he would think differently of me since he's very intelligent. He's in all of the advance classes.

I already knew the void between us would never be filled, yet . . . he was my hope that love would eventually
come to me.

It's been 8 years at the time since I've liked him. Originally, I thought he was my first love.

My first love however came in a different form.

After 10 minutes of swinging, I decided to stop and start to walk back home, feeling a dark aura behind me.

What was this bad feeling I was bearing?