Have you ever done something really, really, really, stupid? But something that you will never regret, but have to live with for the rest of your life? That you have to deal with, and try to remember as much as you can—without spilling the beans in front of your Mom? Well THAT is exactly what this sexy body is on its way to do right now. You may think me over cocky, self-surrounded, and bratty, but hey—what's the point in having one of those boring schoolgirl lives—YOLO right?

I sigh as I plump my bag on the conveyer belt at the airport. I wiggling my earring as it moves down and thru the belt, and into this box-like figure where the lady in the cashier-like station checks and (x-rays) my bag. I then slip off my black summery heels: ankle boots, Model 789. Placing them on the conveyer, I slip off my earrings, and place my purse on also. Finally making it to the end of the conveyer, I slip my heels on again, grab my purse and find my ear whole for my earrings.

"Ma'am, you can't bring toothpaste on the plane" She says, looking at me, frowning and looking me from head to toe. I close my mouth, finally getting my earring in, and look at her; confused.

"Then how the heck am I going to brush my teeth?" Ask, searching thru my bag for the toothpaste. Finally finding it, I plop it out in front of my face. "Do you possibly think this innocent teeth whitener will contain a bomb, match, lighter, or any such thing?" I ask, and then widen my eyes and shake my fore-finger at her" Uh—no. I would never do that to my toothpaste" I say. Shoving the paste back into my bag.
The woman shakes her head,

"Ma'am, would you like me to call an officer and have him explain it to you?" She asks, searching the room for an officer. I shake my head, rolling my eyes and take the toothpaste out. I hand it to her hottily: she smirks.

"Getting onto a plane is hard enough," I mutter as I walk away with all of my belongings. I walk to my seating, and for a total of 2 hours, wait for the plane to finally ready itself and contain suitable reliance of delicacy. I get in line as I my ticket to the man at the desk. And finally, I am on my way to Hawaii.

I run my hand thru my wavy dirty blonde hair, with natural bleached blonde highlights, and layers invading my whole head of hair. My lip-gloss shimmering in the moonlight, the wind from my jeep rented window' brushes my soft hair against my cheek and makes it stick to my lips. The warm air just illuminates the whole scene in front of me—even though the dark veiled the whole beauty, it seemed that Hawaii (the big island) is gorgeous at night. I finally turn into the five star resort over-looking the ocean. The moonlight shimmered off of the water; no person or soul could be seen out in the vast blue water. The only thought that came to Ariel's mind at night in the water was sharks. I shiver at the thought as I finally stop and hop out of my silver jeep. I grab my purse, and walk to the trunk to grab my big pink duffle bag—full of skimpy bikinis, (to show off to those sexy boys :P) sun-dresses, heels, flip-flops, short, short denim shorts—so tight you could probably tell if the quarter in my back pocket was heads or tails—showing half of her butt, tanks showing her belly-button, etc. etc.!

"I'll park your jeep Ma'am," The man in a suit waiting at by the car says.

"Thanks" I say, smiling and walking—with oh, those really tight denim shorts! I push open the doors to the resort, and walk into the snazzy lobby. Hawaii like luxary for tourists, and small shops for our delight. Oh boy this summer was going to be a delight! And soon enough I would just have to move here—then I wouldn't have to be one of those sexy tourists that boys just loathed for, ha, take that 18 year olds! I was 18—and I guess I could get a job as a model at this age right? Hell yeah!

"Wake up lazy ass, you're in Hawaii remember? Time to get up and show off dat body" The mono-tone phone alarm (personal) wakes me with. I jump, opening my eyes immediately; I roll over in my luxurious white fluffy sheets, and my fluffy white pillows. I stop my alarm—repeating itself over and over again. I smile, and yawn, bidding myself good morning, I sit up, and look out the large window and veranda across the room. The happy voices, and gulls cawing were lulling, and just another booster to get up and rolling! I whip the covers off of my bed, and slide out, my naturally tan bare legs grasping the warm air. My see-thru white shirt hanging just below my butt now swayed in the wind from the window I just opened. I look to my right, out the veranda, and that looked over to another resort building. And in one of the windows of the buildings were some teens, hanging out on the leather decorations. I smirk, and just wait for them realize their view. I pretend like I don't see them, and half freaking out—half full of self-confidence, I bend over-giving them a good view of the upper privates. By the time I had gotten up from bending over to pick up—nothing—the one blonde had told the other guys about their (score). I walk to the other side of the room, and shuffling thru my duffle, I find my favorite belly button showing loose white rough shirt. It hung off of my un-bra-ed boobs, and my shoulders. Then pulling on my tight denim shorts, with the same 789 Model highs, and leaving my ears bare, I pull my clean hunk of hair into a sexy loose slightly side-bun. I slip my OfVisctoriaBeckham sunglasses on, and walk to the bathroom. Bag of make-up in hand, I shade my bright blue eyes with a very dark/blue/black eye shadow, water proof mascara, and slight lip-gloss. Finally ready to go, with my little clip purse in hand, I close the window, lock my room and walk downstairs. I buy a Frappe on the main floor, and holding it in my left hand, pay with a five-dollar bill.

"Keep the change," I say, as the man behind the counter nods and smiles, stuffing it into the cash register. He types something into it, and then strips the receipt as it immerges magically from the slit at the top of the boring machine. It was always so satisfying to see them rip the paper, it made me want to do over and over again. It was the only thing the cashiers didn't "act" like they liked. I nodded and walk away, walking out into the blissful morning warmth. According to my I-phone, it was 83 degrease F. Taking my eyes off of my screen, I watch for cars as I cross the parking lot, with tourists arriving from either direction. I finally jog across the lot, and to my silver jeep. I unlock it, and hopping in, I smirk and jig it up. Wheeling away, I had NO idea where I was going. Turning onto the Kowaii Avenue, I smile as the wind blows to my eyes, sparkling me with tingles and happiness. I thought I might go to the beach after I went home and changed into a swimming suit, this was just my time to go and see this beautiful place. Maybe I would go to a club tonight, who knows? Live in the present was always what my Dad said-so live in the present I shall. First I stop at a small café, climbing out of the Jeep, I walk to the quaint little place, and happy at my score, order my favorite blueberry scone. Grabbing the tissue covered delight, I walk to a nearby four seated table outside. I pull out my phone and take a bite of my scone. Smiling, I search for the latest news on BBC. I chew quietly before taking another bite, and swallowing once again. I press my thumb against the screen, and scroll down before someone clears the throat behind me. I glance up to where the throaty noise came from. I clear my teeth, glance over the large figure quickly, but not judgly. His figure, toned and slightly muscled, stood with a leg cocked to one side. His blonde hair wet and spiked in every which way (cutely), beautiful blue eyes, and swimming trunks with a loose button up white shirt.

"Hello?" I ask/wonder on about him.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you? My friends are being kind of stupid" He says, "And coincidentally, all of the seats are taken in this little place" He says chuckling, half annoyed (at ho I do not know) and half frowning half smiling.

"And coincidentally, I have on of the four seaters" I say smiling my heart lifter smile; I motion to one of the seats across from me, but not far from me. It was a small round table, of which the kind I like. I set my phone down, and finish chewing yet another bite of my scone.

"Thanks, I'm Jonah" He says smiling, his toothy mouth adding to his great face. He reaches his hand forward for a shake, and I shake it swallowing,

"Nice to meat you, I'm Ariel" I say, looking him in the eye, and then releasing our hand, he smirks.

"Here for the summer?" He asks, as if he belonged here—or did her? I look at him sideways,

"Yeah—how about you?" I ask, smirking. He folds him arms under him as he leans on the table,

"Yep—well we'll be leaving a little later, just because we don't have work until a month after" He says, looking at my scone, and then back at me.

"Lucky" I grumble, "Where do you work?"