A/N: Plot? What plot? Just a whole load of cheesy nothing ^_^

Warnings: Cursing, my fellow reader. A lot of cursing.

Well, fuck.

So much for that idea.

I rolled my eyes as I was blatantly ignored, yet again, for about the fifth time that day. I've tried blocking his way, poking him non-stop, yelling right at his ear and even trying to trip him. So far none of my ingenious plans have worked. I mean, all that's left to do was for me to just plain out glomp the guy. But no, I'm not that desperate as to risk losing my dignity. I have too much self-respect, and my ego is in the way so, no. No, no, no. No way in hell would I do that.

So how the hell do I get his attention?

I know! I have to corner him. Yeah, corner the guy and then yell at him and then maim him. Yeah, that could work. So long as there's no other witnesses around…


I lost him. How the hell do you lose a six foot Adonis amongst a crowd of insignificant, boring people? How on earth was I capable of losing those bright golden orbs and that impossibly black hair, o black it almost rivalled that of a midnight sky, among the crowds?

I quickly scanned the crowd filled with varying colours and unnamed faces, looking for the familiar golden eyes I've became acquainted with for the last 12 years.

Aha! Gotcha!

I fruitlessly tried to push through the crowd to try and get to where my target is currently trying to do the same. I pushed and pulled and ploughed through the sea of crowd during rush hour, trying my best not to get trampled in the process. It was even harder when I'm going against the current.

"Excuse me! Sorry!" I apologised as I bumped into busy men and women who proceeded to glare death on me as they brushed past, intent on reaching their destination. Rude much? I shook my head as I ignored the glares sent my way.' Geez, ever heard of this thing called manners!?' I wanted to yell at them but I wisely kept my mouth shut.

As soon as I managed to evade the crowd I was trapped on, I looked around frantically to search for Mr Adonis. I looked both left and right, even tried looking up and down, desperate in my search.


I lost him.



With my head lowered in disappointment and defeat, I began my long trudge back home. My eyes widened considerably as I promptly remembered that I'd have to go through that devil of a crowd again.

Oh, he's going to pay.


"Alright mister! You better start talking right now before I decide to rip off that pretty little head of yours and hang it at my door as trophy!" I demanded as a form of greeting when I finally managed to corner him one day. He looked pleasantly surprised and, dare I say it, terrified for a moment there. I guess anyone who was at the receiving end of my current rage would naturally be terrified. Not my fault I look like Medusa when I'm mad. Sadly, that only lasted for a moment before he stood his ground.

That little fecker.

Eyes narrowed, I started to advance, taking each step with purpose and determination until we were nose to nose. Or, in my case, nose to chest. Not my fault the guy was six feet tall. If it were up to me, I would much rather have him 'round my height. That way I wouldn't have to look up to him every single damn time. Stupid neck cramp.

"Alright, start talking." I directed my narrowed eyes to him, making sure that his attention was focused on me and nothing else.

"I like my head where it is so I would appreciate it if you would kindly leave it alone," he replied shortly, seemingly unfazed by my reactions.

"Oh no, I'm pretty sure your head would look even nicer separated from your body and hanging on my roof," I replied, deciding to humour him for a while.

"Uh, no," he replied with a half- smile," I'm pretty sure your roof is decorated enough." Oh? Trying to charm me aren't you? Not gonna work. Nope. Not at all. Shit, it was working.

"Why," I stepped forward menacingly, "did," another step forward, "you," a poke to his chest, "fucking," a more forceful poke, "kiss me?" I finished, keeping my tone monotone and calm, letting my actions speak volumes. I was mad. I was outrageously mad and rightfully so. The black haired god kissed me and then left me there looking like a fish out of water in the middle of the road. For fuck's sake, the least he could do was explain his actions!

"Why are you so mad?" He dared to ask, looking every bit of an innocent child as he did so. Hah! As if. "Is kissing you forbidden?"

"Why am I mad? Oh, let me walk you through this, shall I? First off, you kissed me unexpectedly. Then you fucking left me embarrassed for all I was worth. Oh! Let's not forget that you stole my first kiss!" I huffed out indignantly.

"You didn't like it?" He asked innocently. Innocently my ass. I rolled my eyes in response.

"Of course I liked it, you idiot,"

"Then why-?" I let out an indignant yell at this. Is he seriously this stupid?

I started to wave my arms up and down to convey my unvoiced anger, my face flustered red from all the effort until, finally, I stopped. What? I got tired, leave me alone.

Guess what he did next. He laughed. Laughed at my face.

"What are you? A fucking sadist? Do you enjoy seeing me suffer?" I yelled, my arms crossed in front of my chest. I just don't get this guy at all! You'd think I would by now, but, no. He always seems to catch me off guard. Dammit.

"I like you. I really like you, as more than a friend," he said sincerely. "That's why I kissed you. I mean, isn't that how people normally express their feelings?"

"I, uh," yeah, I was stunned into silence. Shut up. How did you expect me to respond to that?

He let out a big smile, his white teeth blinding in their shine. I couldn't help but smile a little despite my earlier rage.

"So, peace?" he asked putting on his best puppy face. Damn him and his puppy face. The guy knows what buttons to push.

"Fine," I sighed out. Like I could stay mad at him. How could you stay mad at the person you like? No, don't say a word.

"So, how 'bout a second kiss, eh?" he said, his eyes holding a mischievous sparkle, his face already tilting downwards. I smiled a sickeningly sweet smile, my eyes narrowed as I snaked my right arm behind him.

"Sure, why not?" He leaned further down. "If you get your wallet back that is," I taunted and began to leg it out of his grasp leaving him dumfounded. I let out a maniac laugh as I bolted it out of the door and towards the street, Adonis following shortly after.

After all, revenge is just as sweet as kiss.

Just a little background note:
I started this months ago, yes months, and it has been rotting in my folder ever since. I figured it was time to finally let it see breathe some air. It's been a while since I posted anything even remotely romantic. This isn't even romantic. Just, cheesy. All hail cheese! Or fluff. Whichever, really.