Chapter 1: Bitten

A storm cloud hung over the night sky, rain poured down from the heavens and down onto the small town of Saint Sullivan below. A fairly tall, scrawny and lean boy stumbled through an alleyway between a restaurant and a store. There was a searing pain in his abdomen; he removed his left hand from the source of the pain revealing a bite mark. A black liquid oozed out of the wound and trickled down his white T-shirt.

The rain drenched his black hair, he continued through the alley until his vision began to blur and began to feel dizzy. He fell on his knees; he then leant forward and placed his right forearm on the wet ground and rested his head on it.

Never before has the boy in such pain, he then lifted his head off of his forearm and looked forward. A light was coming his way, but once it got close it split into to two lights. They stopped 2 feet away from him, and then two figures whose appearances were silhouetted by the lights slowly approached him. The boy's world turned black and the events of what happened that day flashed before his eyes.

Earlier today

The boy was woken up by a continuous beeping noise and a flashing red light, he opened his left electric blue eye and saw that the beeping and the flashing red light was just his alarm clock telling him to wake up.

The time was 7:00 am; the boy balled his fist and pounded the top of his alarm clock. He then let out a groan as he sat up from his bed. He pulled the sheets off of his legs before he swung them over the edge of his bed and stood up.

He scratched the back of his head before he walked over to his bedroom door. He reached for the door knob and gripped it, and then he turned it clockwise and pulled the door open.

He stepped out of his room and proceeded to the bathroom 2 feet away from his bedroom. Once he reached the bathroom door he heard the sound of rushing water on the other side.

He let out a sigh and knocked on the door with his right hand, the rushing water stopped and then a couple of seconds later the door was pulled open. On the other side was a girl, she was 8 years old, approximately 4 ft 1, soft features, almond-shaped blue eyes, smooth brown hair that was tiedt into pig tails and she was wearing a white shirt underneath a pink T-shirt, blue jeans and white and pink sneakers.

"Are you done in there Jessica?" asked the boy

"Yep, it's all yours." Replied Jessica, she then stepped out of the room and approached the top of the stairs opposite the bathroom. The boy stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He showered, brushed his teeth and then he stepped out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waste.

He walked into his bedroom and put on some clothes; he then stepped out of his bedroom once again and made his way over to the top of the stairs. As he walked down the steps he could smell his mother cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he turned left and walked into the kitchen. His sister Jessica was sitting at the table eating buttered toast while his mother was cooking eggs and bacon, she was 5 ft 9, a nice curved body, soft features, smooth skin, shoulder length brown hair and almond-shaped green eyes. She was wearing a red buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up, brown pants and pink sandals.

She took the frying pan off of the stove and scooped the eggs up with a spatula and placed them on a plate next to some bacon.

She set the spatula and the frying pan down and turned off the stove. She then grabbed the plate, turned around and walked over to the table and set it down. She looked at the boy and gave him a warm smile.

"Good morning Eric." She said softly, Eric approached the table and pulled a chair out before he sat down on it. He inhaled through his nose; the smell of his mother's cooking was intoxicating. Eric then grabbed a knife and fork and dug in right away, once Eric had finished he let out a burp which made his mother giggle but repulsed his sister.

"Ewww, Eric that was gross." Said Jessica, Eric chuckled.

"Well, it's time for you two to go to school." Said their mother, she then walked over to the counter behind her and picked up two paper bags containing their lunches. She then returned to the table and placed the bags in front of her children.

They grabbed their bags and stood up from their seats, the brother and sister then walked out of the kitchen and approached the front door. To the left of the door were hooks that held their backpacks, coats and jackets.

Eric grabbed his and Jessica's backpacks, he handed Jessica hers and he put on his. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted it clockwise, then he pulled the door open and they stepped out of the house.

Eric closed the door behind them, they then walked down the path and once they reached the sidewalk they turned left and began walking down the street.

As they walked to school Eric and Jessica chatted, but once they were close to the school three people stood in their way. Eric gaped in fear, a single drop of sweat rolled down his face. It was Chase Jackson and his goons.

Chase who was the one in the middle was slightly taller than Eric and a year older, he had un-tidy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and an oval shaped face with a pointed chin. He had a slight muscular build and a lean figure. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a white skull on it, tattered blue jeans fastened to his waist by a brown leather belt, black shoes and a black and white wristband with a checkerboard pattern on it.

The guy on his left was called Manny Rodriguez, he was tallest out of the group, he was approximately 5 ft 9, dark-skinned, messy black hair, brown eyes, high cheekbones and a crooked nose. He was wearing a dark green T-shirt, brown pants and black shoes.

On Chase's right was Frank McCall, he was 5 ft 8, broad-shouldered and had a defined muscular build. He had a wide face and a strong chin; he had a buzz cut and blue eyes. He was wearing a white tank-top, baggy blue pants with a white strip going up both legs and white sneakers.

"Well if it isn't little Eric Sullivan?" said Chase sarcastically, Manny and Frank both chuckled. Jessica hid behind Eric, he looked down at his sister, trying to hide the fear.

"Jessica, go on without me, I'll meet you there." He said, Jessica looked into his eyes and saw the fear. She ran past Chase and his friends and she didn't look back.

"W-What do you want Chase?" asked Eric

"You're lunch money little girl." Replied Chase an intimidating tone

"I-I don't have any l-lunch money." Said Eric, his heart was racing and he was being consumed by fear.

Chase didn't look convinced; he glared at Eric and slowly approached him. Once he got close he punched Eric the stomach, the air was knocked right out of his body. Eric grasped his stomach and fell to his knees, Chase then kicked him in the face while he was down.

Blood trickled out of nose, Eric lied down on his side and coughed a couple of times. Manny and Frank walked over to the downed Eric, Manny grabbed Eric's left arm and lifted him to his feet while Frank grabbed Eric's right arm.

Chase pounded his left palm with his right fist a couple of times before he punched Eric in the stomach multiple times. Manny and Frank then threw Eric down onto the ground and all three began kicking him while he was down.

Luckily for Eric he was more scared than in pain so he didn't feel much, once they stopped Frank zipped open Eric's bag and pulled out his lunch and handed it to Chase.

Chase opened the bag and pulled out a ham sandwich wrapped in plastic, he un-wrapped and took a bite. He then spat it out and chucked Eric's lunch on the ground before he stomped on it.

He then knelt down and gripped Eric's hair tight with his left hand causing Eric to yelp in pain.

"Next time, bring money. Not your Mom's crummy cooking." He then let go of Eric then Chase, Manny and Frank walked over to school leaving Eric on the ground in pain.

Eric stayed down for a 15 minutes before he struggled to his feet; he wiped the blood off of his nose with his right hand and proceeded to school.

Once Eric arrived at class the teacher Mrs. Lockhart glared at him, she was a middle aged woman; she had low cheekbones, a few wrinkles and a permanent bossy expression on her face. She had brown hair that was tied back into a pony-tail, brown eyes behind round spectacles. She was wearing a black buttoned shirt underneath a short, red buttoned over-coat, a red skirt and black high-heels.

Mrs. Lockhart placed her hands on her hips.

"Mr. Sullivan, why are you so late?" she demanded, Eric was silent for a moment, then he spoke up.

"I…. Overslept." He lied; Mrs. Lockhart huffed and turned to her left facing the blackboard.

"Detention, Mr. Sullivan." Eric let out a sigh, he turned to his left and walked to the back of the class with his classmates staring at him. Eric sat down at a desk at the back of the classroom.

"'Bout time you showed up." Whispered a voice on his left, Eric turned his head to his left and saw his best-friend Ricky Samson. Ricky was slightly taller than Eric but he was the same age, he had curly blonde hair, blue eyes behind a pair of glasses, he had high cheekbones and a weak chin. He was scrawny and lean; he was wearing a blue sweatshirt over a white T-shirt, brown baggy pants and blue and white sneakers.

"What's up Rick?" asked Eric with a smile, they then pounded fists. Ricky adjusted his glasses with his right hand and saw that Eric was bruised, his expression turned to concern.

"Are you ok? What happened?" Eric didn't reply, he turned his away and rested his cheek on his right hand.

"It was Chase again wasn't it?" Eric returned his gaze to Ricky and his lips parted, but before he could say anything there was a snap on the desk. Eric and Ricky flinched at the same time and Eric turned his gaze forward and saw Mrs. Lockhart with a wooden ruler on the desk.

"Not listening in class are we Mr. Sullivan?"

"I was just-" Mrs. Lockhart slammed her ruler on the desk again causing him to flinch.

"That's an extra hour after school Mr. Sullivan." She then turned around and walked back to the front of the class. Eric let out a sigh and he endured a horrible day of school. After school he went to Mrs. Lockhart's room and she was sitting at her desk patiently waiting for him.

Once Eric stepped into the room Mrs. Lockhart glared at him, she stood up from her desk; she picked up a piece of chalk and approached Eric. She handed him the chalk and he took it.

"You are to write 'I will arrive on time and pay attention in class' on the blackboard for the next 2 hours." She said sternly

She then turned around and returned to her desk while Eric approached the blackboard and began writing. 2 hours later Mrs. Lockhart looked at her wristwatch and turned her gaze to the still writing Eric.

"You may go home now, Mr. Sullivan." Eric let out a sigh of relief, he set the chalk down on a small tray attached to the blackboard. Then he turned to his right and walked out of the classroom, he exited the school and made his way home.

On his way however, he couldn't help but feel he was being watched. He then stopped in his tracks and looked around but he couldn't see anybody. He then heard a growl on his left, he turned his head in that direction but he couldn't see anything.

Then he saw the bushes rustle, Eric's heart began to race and fear coursed through his body.

"H-Hello? Is anybody there?" asked Eric, there was no reply. Then there was a growl, and a pair of glowing, gold eyes became visible behind the bushes.

A large canine like figure rose from the bushes and released a menacing growl, Eric's eyes widened in horror and his mouth fell open. The creature got on all fours and charged at him, Eric gaped in absolute fear and swung around then he ran for his life but the creature was hot on his tail.

Eric ran through the town and into the forest that surrounded it, he managed to outrun the creature and he hid behind a large tree. He then heard the creature grunting 2 feet behind him, the creature sniffed around the area before it ran off.

Eric let out a sigh of relief and moved out from his hiding place, then he ran in the direction of where the town was but then he heard a howl on his right. Eric gulped and slowly turned his head to his right and saw the creature perched on higher ground. Its appearance was silhouetted by the darkness; the creature narrowed its glowing, golden eyes and pounced on Eric.

It pinned him to the ground and barked as it tried to bite him, it eventually sunk its fangs into his abdomen and Eric cried in pain. He reached for something to help knock this thing off of him, he felt a rock and he grabbed it. Then he clubbed the creature across the left eye with the rock causing the creature to yelp and run away.

Eric dropped the rock and gripped the bite wound, it felt like somebody had put a mini bear trap on his abdomen. Eric struggled to his feet, he then groggily wondered through the forest and towards the town in search of aid.

When Eric's eyes opened he found himself in a shack, he sat up from the bed but he winced and hissed in pain. He looked down and saw that his abdomen had been bandaged, he saw a chair at the foot of his bed with his white T-shirt on it, but I had black stains on it.

Eric pulled the sheets off of his leg and swung them to the edge of the bed; he stood up and looked around. The shack was small but it was cosy, there was a fireplace, a soft red rug and some comfortable arm chairs.

"Not bad." Said Eric, he then approached the wooden chair with his T-shirt on it. He grabbed the black stained T-shirt and put it on; he slowly approached the door and reached for the handle.

But then the doorknob twisted anti-clockwise and was pushed open, on the other side. Was a tall broad-shouldered man with a defined muscular build, an oval shaped face, high cheekbone, messy black hair and brown eyes. His most noticeable features were 3 long, pale scars on his left cheek. He was wearing a white T-shirt under a black leather jacket, black jeans and black leather boots.

He gave Eric a smirk and said "Good morning….. Eric."

To be continued