It's strange, you know - funny even. Normally, just having friends around used to never be enough for me, but somehow… that's all I really need to be happy now. I've met such wonderful people here, even after Sandy hit. I can have a sense of humor through all of this. The real me came back when I went to school, not the sad, lonely, pathetic version of me. That persion is gone now, and I hope for a long, long time.

I'm completely content. It's almost numbing, being so happy. I am not interested in anyone here, I am not in love, I am just… me. I have time for myself and to make myself whoever I choose to be. I finally love myself, can see past my flaws and say, "Hey, you know what? I like my hair, my eyes, my smile. I like my long legs and I look proportionate."

I am myself, and only that. I am unique and am nobody else. I am numb, happy, content, in a blissful whirlwind that'll take me somewhere I will not expect. I'm high in the clouds and don't care where that takes me.

I never thought i could feel this way, and I know now that finding great people who aren't down all the time… well, it makes such a difference. I can be myself again. This is who I am.