Have you ever just sat down and wondered what would happen if the world stopped turning? If we didn't have cellphones and cars and video games - what would happen to us? Would we collapse? Would anarchy strike in an instant, or would we all just adapt as humans so often - well, not so much anymore - do?

What if life as we know it was just… gone? I often wonder all of that. Would I be able to survive? Would I be able to do any of the things I love anymore, or would I be begging in the street?

Maybe not. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, right? All of the distractions gone. I'd be able to just think clearly, take deep breaths of fresh air and breathe again. I would be much more content, I think. I'd be able to look at things the way I did as a kid; so innocently I'd stare back up at the sky and find my inspiration.

But at the same time, things would be quite strange and hard to figure out, right? Without the internet, how would we function? How would be find ideas, inspiration, help doing the things we love? How would we find out how to try new things?

But maybe, that would all be for the best, getting rid of it all. Maybe it would help us see past all of the mindless bullshit we call comedy, the boredom that strikes us at the most unneeded times and renders us unmotivated, unable to function like a human being.

I think we could make it. I think we could survive. But then again, I'm just me, no one else. I simply cannot speak for the person next to me.