I dug my toe into the sand and kicked it in his face. He sputtered and glanced around, confused.

"Good morning or should I say Good night?" I glanced up at the full moon that threw an eerie blue light on the beach. I plopped down in the sand next to him as he struggled to move before realizing I had buried him neck deep in the sand. I grabbed a handful and patted it around him. "No use struggling, Black, I buried you in nice wet sand. It's a lot like cement when it settles. Just think of it like a spa treatment." I stretched my shoes out toward the approaching water and sighed.

"Do you remember when we used to come out here every night and lay in the sand? We would try to count the stars and guess which ones were really planets but then we would talk. We would talk about our future and our past. I never really told you much but you always filled the silence. Those nights were…perfect. Don't you agree?" I glanced at him, still a little groggy from the drugs I had slipped him.

"Oh, Blake, you're having trouble. You know only one of those pills can make your tongue numb and I gave you three!" I laughed. "Yeah those were the days. Before she came along. Do you know what a relationship means? It means you love each other and only each other. It means that you don't go behind my back with some little trip you met at a party. If you wanted to end it, you should have just told me." I sighed "Don't worry, Blake, I forgive you. I'm not angry. I just want you to understand, if I can't have you, no one can have you"

I grabbed my shovel as the water began to brush his chin and started back toward my jeep. The salty sea breeze combed through my hair skirt, making me feel more alive than ever.

"Good luck, love, maybe you can wiggle yourself out of there. I doubt it though, none of my other boyfriends have. Don't worry about the other girl. Megan? I've got a little game to play with her." I started up my jeep and began to back out as the tide came in.