A/N: I dont mean to bash any countries by writing this but it was on my mind and it's the truth. If you want to know I do live in the USA but I know there are other countries out there like the US in this sense.

I've been all over the world

I've been a tourist and a missionary

I've been to poor countries and rich

I've seen countries that have recovered from war and some that are still on the brink of it.

I live in a rich country

Where most of us don't have to worry about the essentials of life

Where we don't know what its like to have to take care of your family even if you're the youngest.

To go to a feeding program everyday and not be able to eat more than a few bites of food

You have to save it all for your family

In my world people cry because they don't get an Ipad

In their world they've never even heard of an Ipad

They have to worry about how much food they have

When they'll be able to get more

How long the food they have will keep them fed

I've seen eight-year-olds who have to take care of everyone in the family

Their Dad died in war

Or maybe their Dad died of alcohol poising

Their Mom does the best she can

She's at home trying to keep the roof from falling in on house that could fit in my bedroom.

The eight-year-old child brings home a plate of food

That would be dinner for one person here

But has to last at least a couple days for four people there

Because they wont be able to get more for a few days

So while we're here crying about stuff that would be useless there

They cry about stuff that really matters.

They cry tears of joy when they get a new house

Or when they get a concert stove to cook their food in

They don't cry because they don't get what they want

They don't even cry when they skin their knee

They cry because we've given them something amazing

That cost less than that Ipad

But even in poor countries they have something we don't

They may not have enough food or clean water

But they have something that we've lost

A love for one another

The families in poor countries take care of each other

They love each other no matter what

Because that's all they have


So can anyone tell me what happened to the love

Has it been lost in all the technology

Or has it been lost in the fact that families hardly ever communicate

That family dinners are now in front of the TV

Can we ever go back to the simpler life

Can we find that love we've lost

Can we actually go back to a life where we love and care about each other

Or do we need to go back to a life where we live on the edge of death everyday

Just to find what we've lost