Into the clearing, was White Hawk leading a herd of Saddled horses. Fang and Silver herded them completely into the clearing.

"Choose a horse, Alec Monroe. We need to get to your keep, before anymore hostile warriors appear." Fox settled herself on Hawk's back.

Alec chose a black stallion with Stockings on his legs. Together the two got the herd moving, with some help from Fox's Wolves.

Entering the keep, The two rode down the middle of the crowd to the doors of the Monroe Keep. Standing in front of the closed doors, stood an old woman proudly. To her right stood a young man, bearing remarkable resemblance to Alec.

Fox raised her arm, when a screech erupted from the skies. Instantly a large falcon landed on it, She stroked her birds feathers, gently.

The men in the crowd caught the reins of the riderless horses,leading them towards the stable.

Apuon reaching the castle steps, Alec his huge war horse lept up the steps. The old woman embraced him warmly and kissed his cheek.

Turning to the people, Alec raised his voice. "The English have come to the Highlands' borders. My Companion, Vanishing Fox is going to Robert the Bruce with this news."

The people stopped laughing, and clapping to stare at the cloaked figure on the paint. Lifting her head, still cloaked, Fox got off her horse and stepped up the stairs. her wolves followed at her heals.

With a falcon on her shoulder, Fox faced the stunned crowd. "I am the warrior Fox. I've fought the English throughout my life. I know their weaknesses and our's.

"Where ever I go in the highlands, I have found the weak links the English will use to their advantage. It is this..." Fox looked around the crowd. "We need to stop the feuds, and take our blades and arrows to the English. They already control most of the lowlands already."

The old woman stepped forward to confront the wanderer. "The feuds will not be stopped, stranger. My son tells me, those horses are from Mcbain men. They have insulted our honor, saying we took their Laird's daughter."

"I came to my father's land, after I escaped from English hands. I willnae see my home destroyed like my mother's was, by those English polecats." Fox spat the name with more venom than a rattle's bite. "Not again."

"You are not part English then. Why should my people listen to a stranger, not of this land? We have prevailed agaisnt the English before and won."Lady Monroe asked sternly.

"Because, if they can destroy the fearest wariors