Peace Around the World Hawaii

Michelle panted and she tried to look for her friends, Jin and Simon. They seemed that they left her and Michelle became so furious. She growled and she flew everywhere around the beach and town to look for them and calling their names out.

As Michelle was looking for Jin and Simon, Jin and Simon were both eating a Hawaiian restaurant and they're finished with their meal.

Simon burped, "Oops, excuse me."

Jin laughed, "Haha, I can see that and also we better find Michelle again because we're leaving here tonight."

Simon whined, "But I need to sleep."

Jin made a big sign, "Fine, but only for eight hours," he stood up from his chair and walked away. Simon followed him as he leaves.

As Jin and Simon were walking, they heard Michelle was calling for them. Jin looked up and sees nothing, but stars in the sky. He goes ghost. His black hair turns red hot as a rose. His skin and clothes becomes fire and formed his ghost outfit, which appears to be a ninja outfit in black and red. Sandals replace his orange shoes. Jin's eyes remained the same and he flew straight up and he called, "MICHELLE!"

Suddenly, there was a spring of chains that is wrapping around Jin's body and pulled him down to the ground by force. Jin gasped for air and he looked around to see if someone was there. He only sees Simon.

Simon gasped, "JIN!"

Jin yelled for help, "HELP! SIMON PLEASE!"

Simon nodded, "Okay, but I don't see anyone. Just a floating chains."

Jin screamed in horror, "IT IS TRUE! FLOATING CHAINS ARE REAL!"

Simon gave him a weird stare and didn't get him. "What are you talking about?"

"IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE! YOU DRAGGED BY IT AND THEY PUT YOU IN THE CAVE AND LOCK YOU UP FOREVER," Jin cried as he makes a scene from his head. It was filled with imagination of him being trapped by chains forever.

Simon face palmed, "You have got to stop violence movies…"

Then the chains dragged him across the sandy path and then into the beach and now Jin disappeared when the mist were rolling in around him. Simon gasped and yelled, "JIN!"

Suddenly, another chain just like Jin captures Simon and he gets dragged across the sandy path and then into the beach across the sands. Also, hitting few hard rocks in his face as he gets dragged and some sand in his mouth and then mist rolling in and he disappeared.

No one saw them where they go. The town and public didn't see them at all. Nobody knows.