Peace Around the World Hawaii

Michelle panted and she tried to look for her friends, Jin and Simon. They seemed that they left her and Michelle became so furious. She growled and she flew everywhere around the beach and town to look for them and calling their names out.

As Michelle was looking for Jin and Simon, Jin and Simon were both eating a Hawaiian restaurant and they're finished with their meal.

Simon burped, "Oops, excuse me."

Jin laughed, "Haha, I can see that and also we better find Michelle again because we're leaving here tonight."

Simon whined, "But I need to sleep."

Jin made a big sign, "Fine, but only for eight hours," he stood up from his chair and walked away. Simon followed him as he leaves.

As Jin and Simon were walking, they heard Michelle was calling for them. Jin looked up and sees nothing, but stars in the sky. He goes ghost. His black hair turns red hot as a rose. His skin and clothes becomes fire and formed his ghost outfit, which appears to be a ninja outfit in black and red. Sandals replace his orange shoes. Jin's eyes remained the same and he flew straight up and he called, "MICHELLE!"

Suddenly, there was a spring of chains that is wrapping around Jin's body and pulled him down to the ground by force. Jin gasped for air and he looked around to see if someone was there. He only sees Simon.

Simon gasped, "JIN!"

Jin yelled for help, "HELP! SIMON PLEASE!"

Simon nodded, "Okay, but I don't see anyone. Just a floating chains."

Jin screamed in horror, "IT IS TRUE! FLOATING CHAINS ARE REAL!"

Simon gave him a weird stare and didn't get him. "What are you talking about?"

"IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE! YOU DRAGGED BY IT AND THEY PUT YOU IN THE CAVE AND LOCK YOU UP FOREVER," Jin cried as he makes a scene from his head. It was filled with imagination of him being trapped by chains forever.

Simon face palmed, "You have got to stop violence movies…"

Then the chains dragged him across the sandy path and then into the beach and now Jin disappeared when the mist were rolling in around him. Simon gasped and yelled, "JIN!"

Suddenly, another chain just like Jin captures Simon and he gets dragged across the sandy path and then into the beach across the sands. Also, hitting few hard rocks in his face as he gets dragged and some sand in his mouth and then mist rolling in and he disappeared.

No one saw them where they go. The town and public didn't see them at all. Nobody knows….

Michelle on the other hand, she was still looking for her friends until she bumps into Lisa again and Lisa confronted her.

She was evilly smirking at Michelle and she knows what Michelle does not know. Michelle is getting a strange feeling that Lisa got Jin and Simon.

Michelle lost her patient and the silence broke. She demanded loudly in the night in front of her enemy, "WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!?"

Lisa smirked and she looked at her and tilted her head up a little. She replied with confident, "I have them in the circle of fire and we're toasting them for blood since you came back."

Michelle growled, "I WANT THEM BACK!" She ignored her because she only cares about her friends and she really means it.

Lisa signed, "Well, if you want them, meet me at the beach at sunrise at 7:00 am. We'll be having a fight."

Michelle asked her specifically, "Like what? A surfing showdown?"

"The boxing," Lisa smiled at her and disappeared.

Michelle gasped and she puts her hand over her mouth. "Boxing?" She had fears about boxing and she doesn't like boxing at all. It became the number one nightmare in her life. She signed and said to herself that everything is going to be fine in the end…

7:00 am—

Michelle arrived at the beach and she waits for Lisa, her surfing enemy. She doesn't know why Lisa wants to do boxing against Michelle, but she doubted that she will win and Michelle will lose. It's going to be tough for her. One question that is in her mind, where is her friends?

Finally, Lisa arrived with a huge man next to her and that huge man is a ghost and he's muscular. Michelle crossed her arms and gave her a dirty look to act like she don't care how hot is that man is. Lisa chuckled and she snapped her fingers to teleport Jin and Simon on the sandy beach.

Jin and Simon were tied up in chains and they were panicking for help. They had a tape on their mouth so they can't speak at all or scream.

Simon muffled loudly, "MICHELLE! GET US OUTTA HERE!"


Michelle didn't understand at all and she face palmed. She looked at Lisa and asked, "Why are you torturing my friends?"

Lisa mocked, "Your handsome ninja boyfriend I suppose? He's gullible I say and stupid…"

Michelle growled and defended by sticking her finger at Lisa, "HEY! HE DIED LIKE 2 TIMES! HE IS NOT USED TO MODERN GIRLS OR THE MODERN WORLD."

Lisa smirked with confident, "Then I'll make him die in the third time."

Michelle growled, "Not gonna happen…"

"Well, about boxing," she reminded, "One of your boys have to fight my ghost boyfriend, Joseph and he's hot and experience in boxing."

Michelle said, "Fine! Release my friend, Jin. I bet he can handle the water."

Jin stared at Michelle and blurted, "WHAT?"

Then Joseph walked over to Jin and breaks the chains off of him. Jin was forcibly turned around by him and than Joseph grabbed Jin's body and flings him over to the sand.

Jin cried out loud, "AHH! HELP! WHY ME?!"

Michelle signed and asked, "What's the point of this?"

Lisa explained, "The point of this is to see which is stronger? Your ninja boyfriend or my hot boyfriend, Joseph." She bragged, "And also, Joseph is…" she starts talking in utterly nonsense to Michelle and Michelle is being tired of it, but she won't lose hope on Jin or maybe she can…

Jin gasped and he back flipped three times quickly like a ninja and then his eyes glow in white. His hair turned red and his skin is in moving flames. His clothes were changing to his ninja outfit. His black headband appears around his forehead. Suddenly, he cools down his transformation and his eyes glow back to normal brown and now, he is in his ghost mode.

After that, Jin frantically panicked as he saw Joseph was coming after him and he starts running from him. Jin yelled, "HELP! I DON'T FIGHT CHAINS!"

Michelle face palmed, "Jin, are YOU DELUSIONAL?"

Jin replied as he ran, "Um, maybe. I don't know…I GUESS? HELP!"


Jin smirked and he stopped running and floating in the mid-air up high. He starts making some martial artistic moves to summon his fire dragon art attacks. After that, the face of the dragon appears and then it enlarges as Jin doing the moves. He goes around the circle like a Yin Yang and finally, a large Emperor Fire Dragon serpent appears out of his hands. Jin now controls the dragon and directly makes a fist at Joseph to make a target. The dragon follows where Jin wants to hit the target and Joseph saw that coming and the fire dragon hit him. After it hits Joseph, it disappears from the thin air. Joseph took a lot of damage from Jin and he growled with anger.

Lisa gasped and she covered her mouth, "Joseph? Are you okay?"

Joseph looked at her and said, "I'm fine Lisa, and I will take down this skinny Ninja."

Jin smiled with success, "YES, IT WORKED!"

Joseph glared at Jin directly from his blue eyes and then he tries to create water twister at Jin. Jin gasped and he tries to stay away from it.

Jin warned Michelle, "Michelle, and FREE SIMON! I DON'T THINK I CAN HANDLE THE WATER TWISTER!"

Michelle nodded and she ran over to Simon to unwrap him from these chains. Lisa saw Michelle was running to her friend, but she didn't care at all, but now, all she sees is her boyfriend is fighting a ninja.

As Michelle freed him, Simon takes the tape off of his mouth and hollered at her, "JIN CRIED ALL NIGHT ABOUT THIS FLOATING CHAINS AND COULDN'T GET SOME GOOD SLEEP FOR ONE HOUR!"

"Well, I'm sorry. You got a lot to learn about him," Michelle apologized for Jin's behavior and Simon accepted it.

Jin and Joseph were in the middle of the matter of Fire and Water. Jin intercepts the water twister by sending a Fire Phoenix directly at it. But when the Fire Phoenix and the water twister collide, it creates a hot, steamy mist.

Jin gasped and he flew back down to go after something. Michelle, Lisa, Joseph, and Simon couldn't see anything in this mist. Michelle and Simon can see each other because they're so close to each other and they stay together. Lisa and Joseph were both separated and they could not find each other.

At the moment, Jin got the hang glider right where he hid them under the palm tree and he uses his fire to see through the mist and he grabbed Michelle and Simon out of the mist and elevated to the air.

Jin said, "We're fleeing to Japan and that's what we're going to do." He lets Simon to take over the hang glider and Simon drives it. Jin quickly equipped him before he can fall off. Michelle is glad to see him and said, "Well, nice job bailing us out of here."

Jin signed, "The reason that we're bailing because we're here to make peace and also your enemy is not very friendly to make peace with you."

Michelle signed, "Alright Jin," she lets go of the glider and flies with him through the sky.

Simon growled, "I do not want to hear another word about the floating chains."

Michelle and Jin laughed. Simon smiled with a kind heart and he moves on.

Jin said, "We're going to Japan and also we're not going to South Korea."

Simon asked, "Why?"

"Let's just say that they're full of weird," Jin gulped and he finished, "Stinky Animals?"

"Uh, are you saying Koreans are stinky animals," Simon questioned him curiously.

"No, over there, the animals stink when I went to Korea like 100 years ago…" Jin said.

"No, you're 18 and Korea is modern. Nothing stinky over there except the part where my grandma lives, she's crazy," Simon said.

"Ooh, I want to see your grandma," Jin excitedly said.

"Uh no, my grandma hates stranger," Simon said, "Let's just go to Japan where you were from."

Jin nodded, "Okay."

Michelle said, "Japan is kind of far, but we'll arrive at night."

Jin excitedly pumped up and said, "Oh man, I wonder what it looks like right now because my third parents never showed me what Japan looks like."

Michelle signed, "Man, I wish there is something to boost Simon up with the wind."

Jin asked, "Well we don't have a wind ghost like Kyle."

"Nope," Simon said, "I'll travel slow."

Jin signed, "Next time, Michelle gotta learn how to teleport."

Michelle growled, "I don't teleport like Dennis."

"Jeez and I want to get to Japan very quickly and make peace with my other families and ghosts," Jin said again with excitement.

Michelle signed. Team Harmony travels across the sea and the ocean breezes cool their faces. Jin didn't like the water that much, but Michelle does and she makes surfing waves out of it to travel faster. Jin and Simon are way behind her and Jin helped Simon to catch up with Michelle by speeding up Simon's hang glider.

Back on Hawaii, the mist clears and Lisa and Joseph found each other again. Lisa looked around and saw her enemy, Michelle has escaped along with her friends. Lisa stomped her foot with frustration, "I hate you Michelle."

Joseph asked, "Well, what's next?"

Lisa yelled at Joseph, "I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU." Then she turned around and stormed off. She has a reason why because Joseph is so dumb that he couldn't defeat Jin while Michelle escapes off with her friends.

Joseph scratched his head and turned around and walked off, having no clue what to do. And the break-up didn't seem to hurt him at all.