To Grandmothers House

"Rose you must go quickly" my ma said as I picked up my basket full of food and goodies that would last me for the day that it took me get to my grandmother house. "Rose, you need to get going"

"I'm coming ma"

Ever since I could remember my mother sent into the forest every month. I would walk to my grandmother house not leaving the path or talking to strangers. I would stay at her house until night of the full moon passed.

I love spending time with my gran. I could listen to her for the longest time. I enjoyed listening to her tales about the city and how much more interesting it was then our village. My biggest dream was to move to a big city to see what the world had to offer. I hated living in such a small village it was boring. Never meeting anyone new and hearing the gossip over and over again, it never changed. My mom even sends me away during the most exciting time of the month. The night of the full moon where the village would put together a big party and celebrate that the village was free from the wolves attacks that happen over ten years ago.

"Ma where is my cloak" I asked as walk to the door of our little cottage where my mother was standing with her hand behind her back, with a look of worry in her eye and a smile on her face.

"I thought you would like a new one" she said pulling her hands out from her behind her back, revealing a bright red cloak. "For your birthday"

"Wow, it's so pretty" I said garbing the cloak as my ma's face lit up wiping the look of worry from her face. My ma was very beautiful she had curly dark brown hair that went past her shoulders like me and had hazel eyes.

It felt so soft and warm in my hands as I swung it over my shoulders and tie it off. It was prefect; better then my older sister's ugly blue hammy down cloak she gave me after she got married and moved away.

"Thanks ma" I said giving her a quick hug and kiss. "I love it"

I ran out the door leaving my mother behind. I felt not only hers eyes watching me as I ran across the village and towards the woods but the rest of the villagers.

Even though the attacks haven't happen for ten years my mother says she taking no chances. The last attack was on my father. He was out one night when I was seven getting some water from the well. Some villagers found blood and my mom found an empty bed. He never made it back.

"Hey rose are you staying for the celebration this month" I heard one of my classmate asked as I walked her and grope of her friends

"No" I answered not stopping.

Giggles filled my ears as I continued walking "she'll never get a chance to dance with a boy she probable won't even get married"

"Yeah what boy would ever want dance with her, she probable crazies just like her mother"

"Know wonder her farther ran away. He probable couldn't take living in the loony bin"

I felt my eyes filled with tears as I started to run. I pumped my legs until they started to burn and I could hardly breathe. I stopped at the edge of town where the town meets the forest.

"I hate it here, I hate" I screamed as tears ran down my face.

I felt a something cold touch my leg that made me jump. I wiped away my tears and found Lyra sniffing my nee. Lyra was a fox who I found in the woods when I was 8. She was skinny and hurt and with the help of gran we nursed her back to heath. From then on Lyra usually stays by my side keeping me out of harm; my gran like to call her my guardian angle.

Try to smile as I patted her head I said "ready for another adventure into the woods"

Her ears twitched at the word woods and she bounded into the woods leaving me to chase after her. Most people form the village was too scared to go into the woods. The only people to ever enter the woods beside me were the hunters and the loggers who bring wood and food to the village. Everything else we needed were sold to us by travelers or made and grown by hand.