2) The forest wasn't a scary place it was actually beautiful. I'm kind of glad I had it all to myself. Today was bright and warm but the night would get chilly but by then I would be with my gran

As I began to walk I started to hum and sing with the birds. I really love this place but I always hated being sent here because I all missed things in the village. One time I pretended to leave for grans and my freaked out when she found me walking in the village. There was still time for my to walk to grans so she sent me on my way making me promise I would never do it again

Lyra back from bouncing out of the brushes to see what was taking me so long. She walked right beside me as I walked down the path. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks and began to growl at someone come the opposite way.

"Lyra its okay" I calmly said. I usually never met or passed anyone ne on the path. So this was new. I waved at the man as he came close. He had a scruffy chin, deep green eyes and curly brown hair. He looked about nineteen which was only two year older then me.

"Are you going to the village for the celebration" I asked him. He nodded and didn't meet my eyes. He kept his head low and continued on to the village.

Lyra growled as he disappeared out of the forest. That was odd. Usually no one made the trip through the forest during the week of the full moon. I shrugged and kept going skipping down the path.

Pretty soon I stop to eat in a meadow of flowers. It was beautiful. The smell filled my nose as I ate the food mother had packed for me. I gave all the food I didn't eat to Lyra how acted like she had never eaten before in her life.

"Come Lyra lets go pick some flowers for gran it wouldn't take long" I said

I hummed as I picked. There were so many different colures and type I couldn't deicide to which ones to pick they were all so lovely.

Suddenly I had the feeling someone was watching me. I turned to see I boy my age with golden blonde hair staring at me. What's with all these strangers on the path? This was the very first I ever saw to people.

I walked towards him "hi can I help you" I asked

I smile spread across his face "hey there I heard you humming, it was beautiful"

"Ah thanks" I said blushing. He was beautiful. He had blue eyes that sparked in the sunshine, great smile and was very kind. Much better then the boy in the village.

"I was on my way to the village for the party I heard it's the best"

"I don't know I've never been"

"Oh I just thought you're from the village" he said confused

"I am, I just have never been to the party before, and my mother never lets me" I said sadly. I always wished I could.

The guy scratched his chin for a minute thinking "I think it time to change that" he said grabbing my hand and kissing it "I'm David, and I'll be your escort for this evening"

He was very charming. Like a prince that ever girl dreamed of. But I couldn't go my mother would kill me if disobeyed her again.

Blushing I said "I'm rose, and I'm sorry but I'll have to declined my gran waiting for me"

"Oh that's shame but maybe you could go just this once and go to gran after it's done I sure they would mind" he said trying to convince me with his beautiful smile.


"Please" he pleaded

"Alright, I'll go just for a little while" I said it didn't feel right saying no to him and beside this was my chance to finally go. "But ill need a mask or something"

"Well you came to the right place" he said leading me by the hand back to the path where a pack was sitting. "I came here to sell masks and I have the prefect one for you"

He looked through his pack really quickly and relieved a beautiful butterfly mask. It was made out of some type of metal. The body of the butterfly would be on my nose and the wings had eye hole for me to look through. It had fake jewels glued all around.

"Wow" I said taking it from him and placing it on my face.

"I knew you would like it" he said "shall we go milady it's almost time for the party to started" he held out his arm for me to grab.

I giggled and took his arm. Wow I was finally going, I couldn't wait. It going to be great and I also have a date.

Lyra followed closed behind us not really sure weather to trust this guy or not. He was defiantly a gentleman that anyone would like.