In a country filled with magic, there once was a little girl named Dinah, who wanted to be the greatest witch of all. So one day, she went into town to see if anyone knew if any who could teach her. However, once she asked around, everyone she asked laughed.

"A witch to teach you?" they snickered, "You wouldn't last one day!"

Feeling saddened, Dinah was just about to head home when she bumped into a kind looking old lady.

"So you're the little one who is looking for a witch?" the lady asked Dinah with an old smile.

"Yes ma'am," she nodded, "I want to become the best witch in the country!"

The old lady laughed in a grandmotherly way and patted Dinah's head gently. "The best witch in the country? You're going to have to do a lot of work, dearie."

"I know, and I'm ready to do it!" Dinah told the lady, "but I can't find anyone to teach me."

The old lady smiled and pulled a plain, small, and smooth stick from her purse before handing it to the little girl.

"Before one can become a witch," the lady said, "there has to be some sort of magic in them. Come back here tomorrow morning, and if that stick has changed into anything, I will teach you."

"Wait! Are you really a witch?" Dinah was going to ask, but the lady had disappeared.

Dinah went back home with the branch in tow, looking at it confusedly. She tried everything she could think of, but the stick just stayed the same.

"At this rate, I'll never be a witch!," she cried, "I don't have any magic to change the stick!" Then, a clever idea popped into her mind.

Dinah grabbed some paint, ribbons and something sparkly and set to work on the stick. By morning, the old lady was waiting in the same spot as yesterday when she spotted Dinah running up to her excitedly.

"Madam Witch! I did it, I changed the stick!" Dinah told her, bouncing on her heels.

"Calm down, and show me then," the lady said, getting an excited sparkle in her eyes.

Dinah presented the old lady with a wand that was pink with a clear crystal orb attached to the top and light purple ribbons woven around the painted stick.

"I changed the stick and made it into a wand, see?"

"Oh my, this is very lovely. What kind of magic did you use?" the lady said to Dinah as she gingerly held the wand.

Dinah grinned childishly and tapped her head. "The magic of my imagination!"

The old lady gave the wand back to Dinah and nodded her head. "Imagination is the best magic of all, dearie. Wonderful job, you've passed the test!"

In a flash of light, the woman had changed from an old lady to a lady in a pointed hat, robes and held a broomstick in her hand.

"I knew it! You are a witch!" Dinah said happily and clapped her hands. The witch smiled at Dinah and offered her, her hand.

"If you are ready to learn, child, then take my hand," the witch said kindly as Dinah gripped her hand tightly. The two then began to walk down a less-travelled road to an old but lovely home, where Dinah's new adventures begin.