I cringe as you smile at me. Fake.

I watch you silently, my eyes failing to move beyond your poker face, as you laugh and ask me what I have in plan for the day. I'm not 100% certain, but I know it won't have you.

I ask you the same, and it burns me when you tell me you are only going shopping. Liar.

You're drinking your mocha quietly now, eyes roaming restlessly from side to side, and you finally let an expression seep through your mask. Guilty.

It passes as fast as it had come, and as I stare at you, your eyes meet mine. They're brown, a beautiful brown like the aroma of coffee. Is heartbreak real? Because I can almost swear I heard something crack in my chest. I'm under a curse. Love.

You bid me goodbye till tomorrow, take your bag and leave the place. But I'll probably see you sooner than you expect. 1:30 pm.

It is the time he gave you. "Meet me there at 1:30" I recall. Through the window I can see you get in your red sedan and speed off. Rushed?

I plunk down some coins on the wooden surface and hurry out of the doors into the cold winter air. I swear that today I will catch you. Promise.

An hour later, and I park my own black car behind your red one. It's outside a café just like the one we were in a while ago, but on the other side of town. Different.

I follow you like a shadow, as you walk down the path. You look back and somehow fail to notice me, because apparently I have managed to blend in with the background. Insignificant.

He greets you at the entrance, and its worse than I dared imagine. His form of greeting is unusual, because he holds you in his arms, and kisses you on your smooth dark lips. I just stare, unable to move. Frozen.

My eyes flit between my engagement ring and your barren finger. I knew it was trouble when you took it off. But you obviously don't care. Stupid.

He leads you inside, pulls out a chair for you; such a…gentleman.

Your laughter here seems much more real than the one I heard an hour ago. Even your eyes twinkle. Happy?

And this time I swear my heart is breaking because I can hear it cracking into a million pieces. Or maybe it's just the cafe's window, that shatters, when I hurl a rock at it. Rage.

You shriek, and you almost make me go into a frenzy. Almost made me care whether you were hurt, but I can see its just shock. He rushes to your side, placing his arm around you. Comfortable?

Your beautiful terrible eyes widen, as you see who committed this offence. Me.

I see your mouth open, and yet it forms no audible words, perhaps because there's nothing left to say. Silent.

I swallow, because if tears fall, it would mean defeat. I manage to throw away the ring in front of your eyes, and you watch as it falls to the cold pavement. Still.

You do nothing, as I turn and walk away. Forever.