Author's Notes :D

So out of nowhere popped up an idea. An idea to write a comedy poem! The story is about Mary, a girl who likes mushrooms.

Imagine it as a land in the fairy tale land. Hope it goes well~

There once was a girl called Mary.

She had hair so brown she was loved by many.

But an obsession she had

That soon turned her mad.

Outside her window

There was a meadow

Where mushrooms grew

And blue birds flew.

She ran there everyday

Picking mushrooms on her way.

Those mushrooms ever so great

For them to taste best she must wait.

For a long time waiting for them to grow

Mary had lesser time and was soon getting old.

Hair grew on her armpits

But picking the best mushrooms she would not quit.

Wrinkles grew and she got selfish.

She ate no pork, chicken or even fish.

Her precious mushrooms she hugged til night

She even fought for mushroom's rights.

She cared less for fellow villagers

And when mushrooms were stolen there she rages.

Howling to the moon became a habit

Along with the mushrooms she carried.

People soon started calling her a witch

Then they eat, sleep and began to stitch.

Mary still thought they were crazier than her

And that she was the best in the whole wide world.

Her feet now stink so much

Like rotten eggs and such.

And when she lifts up her head

She'd make all the children cry.