Cat Boys!
November 12th, 2012
©Elise the Writing Desk

Roo looked up at her friends, surrounding her desk. They were looking at her with wide eyes, eyebrows raised, and lower lip bitten in expectation. The brunette tilted her head in confuse.

"What is it?"

"Oh come on! Don't act oblivious!" Tanny groaned, pouting.

"Can we see your kittens again, Roo?" Sinna winked pleadingly.

"Have you named them?" Costa asked curiously.

Roo sighed, but then nodded. "I have, but you girls can't come today. I'm going out."

"Aww! Where?"

"None of your business!"


She lied.

Roo laughed evilly as she slammed the door close, and then ran into her living room. Roo lived alone since her father died, and her mother passed away when she was born. That's why she picked up a wounded cat she found when they were camping near Shrewsbury Woods.

"Hey little kitties, I'm...home...?" she dropped her bag as well as her jaw when she saw what's inside her living room.

Four kids, a beautiful woman...and tails...and cat ears...

"Roo, welcome home~!" the silver-haired woman greeted and hugged the girl, then pulled her into the living room. The little boys looked at her with different expressions on their face.


The beautiful woman laughed melodiously. "Hahaha, calm down, my saviour...Please listen to my explanation, will you, beautiful one?"

"B-Beauty—you're...what the heck!? How did you guys get in here!?"

"How did you guys get in here!?" the little boys mimicked mockingly.

Roo was terribly shocked. Those brats...their tails! They're wiggling just so damn real! And...and they didn't have human ears!

"Roo, it's me, Pandora!" the beautiful woman said.

Roo gaped at her in disbelief. "You' cat!?" she then held her head in stress. "What the hell...!? There are mad people in my house!?" she glared at the woman widely.

Now that she looked at her, she somehow resembled Pandora. Her silver hair, her golden eyes, her unusually long fangs...the same ripped left ear...

"Pandora..." Roo muttered, still in disbelief.

Pandora smiled beautifully. "I'm glad you're quick to follow, sweetie. Now, you must've known already, that these boys are my sons!"

Roo dragged her head to stare at the boys sitting on the longue across hers. One of them was lying on the back, one was sitting on the armside, one was sitting with his legs crossed, the last lied on his laps lazily.

...Those brats were her kittens...

Roo grimaced and pointed a finger to the greyish haired boy sitting on the armside.


"Um...hi." he shyly waved his...hand...which was supposed to be a paw.

Roo proceeded to point at the ginger who was sleeping on his brother's lap.


"Nyo, owner!" the little boy greeted back with a curious, innocent wink.

Roo was gaping uncontrolably as she pointed at the navy-green haired boy lying on the back.


"Hee-hoo!" he beamed curiously.

Roo finally looked at the only boy sitting properly with his legs crossed, and raven hair, eyes glancing to the window in a daze.


Accio turned at her and nodded, shaking his tresses of raven hair.

Roo bursted out laughing like a madman, doing a knee-slap.

"Ahahaha...What a bad dream! My kittens turned into human boys! What is this? Pinnocchio—"


Everyone except Roo turned into cats. Cats which Roo were familiar with. Roo grimaced in fear, swallowing hard.

"No way...NO FREAKIN' WAY!"

"Now you believe us?" Pandora asked, scratching her ear with her hind leg.


Roo fainted miserably.


Roo wanted to bang her head. She had been awaken for fifteen minutes only to see that her crazy hallucination came true. Her cats were humans! No, half of it! And they can return into cats!?

"So, Roo, you must now, I didn't come from a normal cat race. I'm a Cat Elf." Pandora explained. "Centuries ago, we were capable of vanishing into thin air and recreate ourselves from thin air. We were invulnerable...until humans know how to cut off our heads."

Roo gaped. "Now that I think about near Cheshire...are you talking about the Cheshire Cat!?"

"Oh, Our Majesty Cheshire Cat—"

"Our Majesty Cheshire Cat, may he rest in peace." The little cat boys chorused respectfully.

Pandora cleared her throat. "Yes, that is true. When the Queen found out about our weakness and managed to behead Our Majesty Cheshire Cat—"

"Our Majesty Cheshire Cat, may he rest in peace." The boys chorused again.

"...Uhm, our ability of vaporizing was gone, but in turn, to save our existence, we gained the ability to turn into half-human." Pandora beamed at Roo warmly. "And I was the last Cat Elf. The rest have turned completely into human and even forgot about this race. That's why, I'm very thankful of you, Roo! You've saved the Cat Elf's race!"

Roo groaned and facepalmed. "Okay, whatever! Then just go back to Shrewsbury...or wherever you came from!"

"But Roo, please, I have one last favor..." Pandora pleaded.

"Okay...let's hear it?"

"I'm going back to our Sanctuary. There, I will gain the rest of my races and revive the Cat's Elf. Meanwhile, I want you to take care of my sons. They have to stay here for their safety."

"...Are you kidding me!?" Roo gasped, then stood desperately. "They're...they're half-brats! And they're males! And they're not humans! What will happen if people see them!?"

"Mom said," Norris begun,

"...We'd be humans forever and lose our memories of being Cat Elf." Lace continued darkly.

"See? Unless they can be cats all the time, I don't mind!" Roo said angrily.

"We can't do that." Lewis pointed out.

"Our human side is winning, so staying as cats will only lasts for some periods." Accio explained seriously.

"Please, Roo. Just let them stay inside here." Pandora pleaded with a deep frown. "Please help me to revive my big family. Please, protect my least let them be humans as long as they're in the house?"

Roo's eyes glanced from Pandora to the little boys, back and forth. She didn't like it. It felt as if all her privacy was violated. She's to stay with brats!? They just born a week ago, but they looked more or less like 7 or 8 years old brats...! Worse enough, they're all boys! When was the last time a boy visited her house?

However, in the other hand, those Cat Elves can't possibly ask other humans. Researchers might caught them...! Roo wasn't cruel...and once the Cat Elves were revived they'll go away and won't stay, right...?

"Okay..." Roo sighed, fearing that she'd regret this. "I'll take care of these...Cat boys...until you're done reviving your Sanctuary."

Pandora sniffed. "Boys, we have to thank her!" she squealed, and then her, with her little sons, snuggled to the girl and purred.


"Just go and revive your Goddamn race, Pandora! And boys, act more like humans! Humans don't snuggle and purr!"