Author's Notes :D

This is a letter I wrote when I was 7 and my mother happened to find it. So I thought it was hilarious and thus wrote it down, both the edited one and the original. I censored off my name so mwahaha!

The original is hard cos it was on paper.


Dear Mama,

You are funny and that's why I like you. You can be more like a clown. But if you were a funny pig, it would be more funny. But I like you the way you are. You can be just like a queen in our family, alright?

Your something,


Original: (Note: For stuff like 'cam(cancelled)', the single words were cancelled)

Dear mama, you are the funny one that I like. You can be more like a crown. If you are a funny pig, I would be more funny. But I just like you. You cam(cancelled) can be like(cancelled) a(cancelled) queen(cancelled) like a queen in your family. So is it ok?

Your Sothing,