Hello Everyone! This is basically based on a writing task I had to do in English once, where I basically had to start a story with the line: "As they looked n the mirror, they were amazed to find two completely different people looking back at them.". It's nothing special, but I wanted to post it here anyway. So Enjoy! :)

As they looked in the mirror, they were amazed to find two completely different people looking back at them.

Grace was surprised to find that instead of her usual dark brown hair and pale face, the woman opposite had a healthy tan, glossy hair and rosy cheeks. The only similarity to the older girl and herself were their green eyes that changed from browns to blues depending on her mood.

She glanced at Peter's reflection and was shocked to see a lean, tall man that resembled a skeleton. He winked at her, but Grace could see signs of tiredness and stress on the man's face, making him appear years older than she presumed he was. The man had the same blond hair as Peter, but it was lying limp around his face, although Peter's cat-like eyes looked sharper than ever on the man's face.

"Pete," Grace turned to face her brother's confused expression that matched her own "what's going on?"

"I... I don't know." Peter admitted quietly. Being the intelligent one in the family, he rarely didn't know something, and when he didn't, he hated it.
The woman opposite gave him a sympathetic smile.

Peter flexed his hand to see whether his reflection would do the same; it did, but the man's movements were jerkier, more broken. The man winced a smile, something Peter wasn't doing, as though it was causing him great pain.

"It's like, it's like they're us, but not us." Peter hesitated for a moment "My reflection moves with me, but it's like he has a mind of his own."

The man scratched his head, as if to confirm it.

Well, I hope you liked it, and feel free to comment/criticize or whatever. :)