Just something I wrote once because I was bored. Enjoy! :)

Cold. Dark. Strange noises. Those were the first thoughts that entered Jemima's head when she opened her eyes.
'Where am I?' Perhaps 'what am I doing here?' would have been a better question.

She looked around to find herself in a cold, murky room that smelled of old paint and mould.
In the corner, someone had laid some stale bread – or, the remnants of stale bread as small, worn-out rats attacked the loaf, their eyes filled with a constant, vicious hunger.

'That would explain the noise' she thought. 'Where am I?' She returned to her previous question.

Jemima tried to sit up, but found that she couldn't, almost like something was restraining her from moving. She shifted to get into a better position.

'How long have I been here?' Once again, Jemima looked around the room for some information, none of which was given to her. She glanced at her wrist where her watch was, only to find that someone had carefully taken it in her sleep, leaving a long tan line.

'Hmm... Asleep or unconscious?' She had no idea.