I sniffed and sniffed a bit more. Momma had gone. I rolled over to Isaac and Lou, my brothers.

"Where's momma gone?" I asked them.

"To a new home, I guess, Fudge." They replied. I looked at them. Why would anyone want to take Momma? She was the scruffiest dog in the pound. I doubted she was ever a pedigree, although it referred to her as an English Bulldog on her petcard. I still loved her all the same and, whenever anybody referred to her as 'fleabag' or 'mongrel', I bared my teeth and growled at them. I froze as I heard an unfamiliar human voice and saw a young human boy and his mother walking past the dog pens. He stopped when he reached the pen of my brothers and I.

"I want this one!" He shrieked, pointing at me. His mother looked at him, pleased. A human wearing a white coat, standing with the other two humans, picked me up and carried into a room, the two others following me. He stuck a needle into my behind and I winced. I heard the humans speak again.

"That's his last needed shot for now." The one in the white coat smiled, picking me up again and putting me into the female human's arms. She began to stroke me and I growled. I didn't want to be stroked or petted or anything like that. The boy looked me up and down as the female human put me into his arms. He rocked me like a doll and I snapped loudly and angrily.