You don't want to know what's going on inside my head. Really, you don't.

Just be happy with the pudgy boy that smiles at you. The one that the whole world sees. The nice little boy who just smiles and is a perfect angel.

You don't want to know the other me. The one I keep in check. The one that wants to take a brick to your face and smash it to a bloody pulp. Stupid bitch. I want to get you to a kill room floor and cut you into manageable pieces. Call me a fat nobody, will you?

Ha ha. I'll show you some day. I'll work out. I'll get fit. Then I will fucking break you. You and all your little fucking parrots that don't have an original thought between them- they just mimic what you say. I want to hear them mimic your screams.

As for your boyfriend... ha ha.

I'll sort him out too. I'll carve off his cock and make him suck it. Or maybe hamstring him and force his face into a urine filled toilet, like he did to me, while you looked on. Would you like that?

Silly peroxide bitch.

I'm coming. Wait until the summer ends. You will see a new me. I can see the results already. I have lost the weight. My abs are looking good. I've ditched the geeky glasses and frumpy clothes. Will you drool over me? I hope so. I'm going to string you along. Maybe with actual string- tied to the back of my car.

So many things I want to do to you, Emma. Just wait. I'm coming with my psycho out.