Night Watchers


' Freedom, what exactly does it mean, the right to speak, the right to think, the right to be who you want, well ask Freedom and she'll tell you differently, she's a strong believer that freedom isn't free.'

The soft sound of chants filled the large room, they where incoherent and impossible to understand, suddenly they where interrupted by a beep and the sound of a dark and screechy voice growled out,

" Why don't you ask me what it feels like to be a freak? "

Lights glowed suddenly, opening up and blazing with their brilliant colors, the sound of a guitar growled along side a nasty beat from a drum, lyrics growled dangerously from lips painted a midnight violet red so dark it glowed black,

" Hey do you love I'm untouchable darkness."

Dangerous was one word to describe the gleam in eyes the color of green, rolling like storm clouds the silver swirled through the color turning them a deep hazel, glazed just a fraction they glowed.

" A dirty black river to get you through this, "

Her voice was dangerous, speaking to the senses, but rough, like a deep growl yet it was in no way masculine, it was completely feminine, but dark, dangerous and demonic.

" Hey do you love me I'm a devil machine"

Another guitar solo rolled like all the ones before, separating each sentence of bold evil lyrics, each one similar to the last one, each line split by a quick slide of keys rolling in a rhythm.

" Get into my world all American dream "

Lights blazed all across the stage, glossing circles around the center, a body lurked in the shadows, tall and dangerous, the movement the only notion it was anything more then a vision, or trick of lights.

A voice hissed into the shadowed microphone,

" In the mouth of madness, down in the darkness. No more tomorrow, down in the hollow! "

Lights suddenly focused on the center, all shadows scattered, a body of muscle rocked to the rhythm, tall and dangerous, lips pressing the black of the mic with light sweet kisses as her lips brushed it's surface.

Eyes snapped wide, an expression of madness twisting full lips into a demons grin. Shoulders hunched forward, spin bendable with bony fingers racing the length of the guitars strings, claws painted a sparkling cloudy gold scratched out the notes, the guitars sound bellowed above all but the demons voice.

" Hey do love it when the kids are screaming."

" Wrecking the rode violate their dreaming"

" Hey do you love to see the filth in the clean"

" Get into the gone all American dream!"

" In the mouth of madness, down in the darkness. No more tomorrow, down in the hollow. " " I'm demon speeding! I'm demon speeding! I'm demon speeding! I'm demon speeding!"

Danger lurked in this single creature, a delinquent with a knack for busting skulls and breaking bones. Living in treatment for eternity it appeared to look like, clean pressed blankets, clear white rooms, the smell of chemicals was all that glowed in a not so bright future of horror. The voice was the only source of freedom, a dangerous slur to it's growling sound, it was the only thing that allowed Freedom to get around.

" That was a great showing Free, quiet the performance, Rob couldn't have preformed it any better then you, that growl you got really let's the words roll. "

Compliments where destroying her ears but young Freedom just nodded her head to the side, eyes cloudy her hair having seemed to loose it's luster as her body vanished into the darkness of a black sedan.

The door clicked, and the noise seemed to vanish, the world blurred behind heavily tinted windows, stretching long strong legs out before her, examining the long thing scars that peeked under the shredded fabric of her dark blue jeans. One hundred forty- six scars lined that not so perfect ivory skin.

Along side her sides, to her left and right where rented crew, a man with a bad tattoo over his right exposed bicep, it resembled a faded line of a proud bird surrounded by blazing fires, the secondary guitarist to her dangerous instrument. To his left a man with deep green hair, buzzed up into an out if style mohawk, it looked stiff enough Freedom could have stabbed someone with it, but with all that gel and hairspray locking it upright the teen doubted it could even be sliced with hedge clippers, the drum player.

Along her right a third man, it seemed that's all her stupid dictators could find, a back up vocalist and a man who handled any out of style instrument they could hire someone else for, a man with different colored eyes, one blue the other brown, he was in confinement, him she at least knew, his name was Jim or something like that. And on the right of the shady Jim character perched an uptight prude parole officer who came to almost every show.

Tired from all the excitement she replayed the night in her head, Demon Speeding the first song on her agenda, written by a favorite of hers Rob Zombie, following was Disturbed of course her favorite from them Down With The Sickness, followed by a hazy fuzzy not to well rehearsed trashy Headstrong by Trapt.

Weary, Freedom moved with slow shifts and hesitant twists, her strong arms crossed over her chest, wrinkling the already wrinkled black Tap Out shirt she owned, her head lulled down, chin against collar bone, cheek resting on a slender shoulder, eyes fluttering closed Freedom drifted off to a world all her own.

Waking with the jolt, a deep burning in a sleeping soul, roused awake with demons pulling at her sleepy form. Hazel eyes flew open wide, danger swirled in them, a voice called, her calling to the world, a woman's screaming vocals, a cry for help only she could answer, the peace was disturbed and this was her call.

A body behind bars moved with stealth that wasn't quiet hers, a heart that drummed no louder then a whisper of the stars, a shadowy form darted through the dark, a form moved with remarkable speed, glided out into the trees,

Freedom was Free, and with a scream echoing in her ears she sprinted forward into the sleeping city.

The world moves in fast forward in a moment of action, in an adrenaline rush the earth seems to spin before your eyes but not here, not now, in a time of silence, and darkness; heavy steps pounding the pavement with a steady rhythm, breathing thickened, like a starving child, lungs swallowed and spat out oxygen and carbon in panic.

Just steps back, smooth whispers of foot falls that barely graze the ground, and breath without sound, here in darkness it doesn't matter how fast you think you can run, because nothing can hide, not from the paranoia of the night whispers.

An organ pumping blood, ready to escape the confines of ones chest beats with wings of a humming bird, body stumbling, weight thrown off, footing all wrong, to loud, making crashes that screamed through the silence that followed, run while you can, you can never escape the eyes of the night watchers.

Calm, steady heart beating strong, body ready, a glint of silver in pale fingers, ready streaking down, gliding, stalking, only two steps behind, no obstacle enough to stop the monster that followed the man.

Moving like liquids, sliding gliding, like a breathless puff of air, he can never escape.

Cornered, trapped, stuck between a wall, a predator forced to become prey, today would be his day, the night his life would come to an end.

Eyes widened with terror, back pressed to brick, hands shaking, body quaking, breath shaky, a life flashing before eyes that would soon be dull.

Predator, monster of paranoia, silhouette reflecting in watering eyes, eyes like red ruby's glowing with the light of a star, a girl stepped forth, a gash sliding down her left eye, blood the color of gold pooling down ivory cheeks, full painted black lips curled into a sneer.

The blade raised, and in a flash it was all finished.

The world seems to move to fast, in flashes when death is breathing hotly down the back of your neck, but when it finally has you in it's jaws time slows down and drags on, but it doesn't matter, life moves to slow in the night watchers careful gaze.