It's cold, so cold, but she can't feel it anymore. Everything's dead, so dead but she can't see it any more. Silence everything's quiet, so quiet but she can't hear it. Terror, the smell of fear it's strong, so strong but she can't smell it anymore. Bitter everything's bitter, so bitter but she can't taste it anymore. Everything's different, so different but it doesn't even phase her anymore.



Silver doors blew open, snow blew, wind whipped through the grand hall, frost flew over the floor leaving a glassy look upon the blood red carpet. A queen, with soft pale skin rose from her golden throne, a silver crown glimmering in the blue ice lights lighting their Castro, golden eyes swirled with blue widened. The sound of a blade, metal slicing through the air, a whisper, like a watch sliding over a table, just a breathless whisper to be heard followed by the heavy sound of a body hitting the floor and rolling down just three small gold lines steps.

A king, eyes of silver and pale blue lunged to his feet, a long warm cloak fanned at his feet, falling and swirling as his opened his mouth in a shout, a shout that turned to a strangled cry as a small palm pressed just below his Addams apple, slender fingers of a pale frost bite color curling around his throat, and squeezing the air from his voice box.

Like a silent assassin, a whisper in the frosty kingdom, the king and queen had be slaughtered like animals with their own blade, by their own daughter, the princess of ice.

Guards filled the hall, the tables over turned the doors sealed shut, the throne chairs dropped into secret compartments below the surface. Two bodies laying at black stilettos lined with spikes and silver stripes, the king the queen, silver and golden blood pooling, staining the soles of such menacing shoes, with heels like a sharpened blade and rounded points jeweled with silver spikes. Mouths agape eyes widened with terror and throats slit open wide for all to see, dead the royals where dead.


Freeze... Slow down rewind, let me explain the scene you've just seen, a child has slaughtered her own parents but why? They had taken something from her, had killed something close to her cold heart and she wanted blood, and blood she did get. This story begins much back into the past, so long and so far back that it happened long before the birth of the ice queen.

Long ago in a kingdom of spring, flowers of wisdom, waters if crystal pools, and forests of soft pines speed wild over the rolling hills, a prince lived in such misery, eyes of silver and pale blue, a boy with no care for his kingdom and no desire to rule. Unknown to the prince he was to rule a great kingdom in the future.

All the while a princess of winter, held up in her room, eyes like gold swirled with blue and hair the color of frost sat in her chilly room, huddled and bored, tired and unwilling to live the way she wished to.

A war had brought them together, a meeting of the royals, the royals of spring and those of winter, sharing a meeting in one grand hall, a prince and princess found love. With probing and pondering, planing and scheming, they forced their parents together for a peace treaty, how they longed to be together how they longed to hold each other in their arms.

Twas not long before they had their wish, before they where tangled in silk sheets and embracing their sinful love, and twas only a months time when the princess ran through the halls with a thrilling shriek of joy and love, to the man she called her own. Embracing she shared the wondrous news of an unborn child for them to share their love, but it was only a good thing for them, for they did not see, they did not know what was to come of their loving embrace a baby with a chillingly beautiful face, and a horrifying twisted way.

The oracles begged, pleaded, wished and prayed for the child to be still born, to be aborted, to be killed on site but the parents refused with horrified looks upon their faces, they were to be married, the prince and princess and all the more reason with a baby on the way. The oracles told of misfortune, and death, of the horrible things their child might do, but the parents refused to believe such a thing, refused to believe their unborn baby could ever be evil. But how wrong they were.

Just three months after the wedding, after the beautiful flowing enchant,net, a wondrous ceremony of love and beauty, ice and spring swirling as one, kingdoms joined in love a child was born, a child with a love for blood.

With eyes the color of embers, smoldering coals that only seemed to glow and hair the color of the frost bit snow, skin a strange blue tint, like frost bite flesh, swirled with un natural black markings, and viciously sharp teeth a child who wanted to be a fitter and not a princess.

This was Adrian, the Ice Queen.

You're probably curious as to what led to the young parents death, why such a child would slaughter her parents mercilessly, simple, like her parents Adrian had fallen in love, a man with hair as black as night and eyes a deeper green then the rolling sea in a storm, how she had loved him, and how he had loved her.

His name was Aden, Adrian had met him on a chilly nights walk through the forest f frozen pines, her own personal creation, he had been skating over the icy pond of tears, playing a tune on a set of reed pipes when shed spied him. Aden looked so elegant, so devastatingly handsome, the very site of him made her heart flutter and her stomach feel hollow and squirmy, what was this feeling, she had wondered. Every night fir a whole month she came to this very spot to watch him, but on the night if the full moon he'd been no where to be seen, Adrian had waited for his return but seeing as he did not come she turned to leave.

A warm sensation had corded through her body when she turned into a soft fleshy wall, looking up her dainty frame of muscle and elegance pressed to a strong masculine build, she stared Into the green eyes, her red one reflecting the dark color, her heart beat wildly when his pale lips had quirked into a lopsided smirk shed seen her father give her mother. t that moment the blood thirsty teenage girl could have cared less about her training, about her safety about anything, all she saw was him.

Aden had touched her with love, his knuckles laid against her jaw his stronger arm around her waist, holding her close as he told her he'd known she was there, watching him, that he'd come looking for her. Aden had fallen in love with the stories of the ice queen, the princess of blood on the battle field and he'd come seeking her.

Adrian fell in love instantly with the stranger, and he'd fallen in love with her, what Adrian didn't know was Aden was the son of the country of darkness, the kingdom her parents where warring with, after coaxing and loving caresses, Adrian had finally brought Aden before her parents.

It didn't go well in any way known to man, her orients had the guards seize her and drag her away, as knights and warriors filed in, to take down the man their daughter had fallen in love with. Shed screamed, fought, Adrian had wrestled her way through the swarm of men, only to fall to her knees in horror, the site of arena green eyes now a dead black, his face, once a vibrant tan, now pale as the snow that had begun to fall outside the castle, her heart shattered right then. Scooping up his body shed lifted his much larger form and held it close, his upper body against hers as she cried and begged for it to be a nightmare.

It was not, it took her a moment, an the thought destroyed her world, looking upon her parents she drew the sword from a fallen knight and cut her long frost bite hair letting it shag short, then sliced open both palms the black patterns upon her skin glowing, and resurfacing after disappearing as she spoke in a voice of demons. Shed have her revenge Aden would be avenged and Adrian would bring her parents to their knees and destroy their kingdom in her iron grip. With that they'd vanished in a flurry of snow, returning to the kingdom of darkness whom swore to help aid her in her fight.

This is what cause the death of the king and queen, their own foolishness was their own defeat.

Now let's return to present day.


Guards failed in and surrounded the not so little Adrian, who's body was stronger then ever before and plated with leather armor and metal spikes, hair shagged, and fallen around no more then her chin, styled like her dead lover, Aden's, had been. Eyes glowing no longer just embers but fire burning with pure hatred, confidence and cockiness had become the same in her mind. Standing in the blood of her parents a lopsided smile on her face, her rose red lips parted to show sharpened silver tipped teeth and elongated poison tipped fangs, the girl threw her head back with a bone chilling laugh.


Author notes

I just came up with this, it took me two class periods, an hour, to complete this far, tell me what you think, I don't care if you tear it apart or compliment it, let me know how to make my writing better and better I'm always seeking help, if you think you could help me push this story some where let me know. Just PM me. Enjoy I know I enjoyed writing it.