Chapter 3

Adrian won't be broken

There she stood, her world caught up in slow motion, a man who looked so much like Aden, a man who stored something inside of her she hadn't felt for over a hundred years, it was impossible Aden was dead, Adrian had seen him slain before her own eyes, who was this imposter who wore the look of her sweet sweet Aden.

Adrian found herself soothed by the mans deep accented voice, though she didn't hear a word of it, she found her body mimicked a puppet on strings, her hands were bound behind her back, she was kicked to her knees yet her ember eyes never left his face, never left the haunting face of her dead Aden.

Forced on her knees before him, the man moved slowly forward, he looked so regal, so elegant so much like her precious Aden, it made her heart hurt, it felt like a knife had been driven into her black organ and had been twisted, it was the most painful thing shed ever felt in all her years, yet Adrian was numbed by the way the mans muscles rippled under that bronze flesh and white cotton shirt, the way he tensed and relaxed, everything he did enchanted her.

Aden's dead, you saw him, he's heart was ripped from his chest.

Her thoughts sent her into a flurry of pure murderous rage, her eyes glowed as Adrian's symbols showed, her teeth instantly returned to their sharpened form, her fangs elongated, this man was not her lover, this man was a vile imposter sent from the fates to distract her, to make her hurt from that bitter pain she never wanted to feel again.

" Tell me, girl.." Adrian felt the sharp bite of the whip against her side, but the pain only made her smile her twisted grin, and chuckle under her breath, the man wasn't amused.

" Who are you.." he commanded with aggression and authority, but the Ice Queen was not one to break under such a voice, it only fueled her hate for the man. Holding her tongue Adrian watched the mans scowl deepen, watched the anger in his deep eyes glow like a clouded emerald with a light shining through it, oh how amused she was, oh how she laughed and snickered under her breath like the snide, viscous woman she was inside.

" Answer me you pathetic woman!"

He bellowed his accent caressing her ears as the whip struck her back, once, twice, thrice, tearing the cloth and ripping her flesh but Adrian simply smiled and egged him on with her taunting looks and defiant smirks. The man was not amused in any way, yet all his attention was on Adrian, a lovely site he would admit, the woman was insufferable, how he hated the way she held her head to the side, how he hated the way her frost hair hung over those beautiful red eyes. Yet no matter how his whip struck her, no matter how he commanded nothing phased that cocky shell, his face was a light red from his anger, he felt it rising up in himself, he reached down, in a blur and snatched her by her hair, yanking her up just enough she had to strain to sit up high on her knees.

Adrian felt his fingers knotted in her hair, felt her back arch, felt the pain in her scalp but she was stronger then this, so much stronger then he could ever expect. Look up at him with cold defiance she smiled a sly grin and stared up into his eyes as he forced her head back, her hair from her eyes, he looked her dead in the eyes, but she would not be broken.

" Who are you.."

He breathed in a hiss, the man codlin stand this, she couldn't handle such a..such a strange woman, he felt his body relaxing his grip loosening he didn't understand.

" Who are you?"

Adrian breathed, low, her eerie chilling voice echoed with a demonic sweetness, like a bitter sweet treat.

" I will be the one asking questions, "

He growled as his grip tightened, her voice sent a chill through him, but he didn't move a muscle, just simply tensed further his lips curled into a scowl, his eyes burning with pure hate.

" It is rude to speak for a name of a stranger when you have not yourself introduced ones self boy. "

Adrian smiled an evil smirk, her normal demons smile, her scalp hurt, it burned but yet she did not make a single remark.

" I am Lord Samuel sundown, now tell me who are you girl."

" I am Adrian Black-frost, "

The mans eyes widened as he released her instantly, she was the Ice Queen, throwing her backward Samuel backed away from her with a look of disgust on his face, she was the cruelest being known across the lands, he had been told so by the fairies he'd enslaved and the dragons he had sent fleeing.

" Do you fear me.. Samuel?"

Her voice was sickly sweet, so sweet it made even her nauseous to hear it, rolling slightly on her shoulder she easily lifted herself, easily began to rise, the fighters and other prisoners backed away, fear in their eyes, some stood strong like the boy from the cart whom shed caught glaring her way from the corner of her eye. Smelling Adrian's teeth flashed as she pushed herself to her feet, her wrists rolling behind her back, her hands twisting int he wire restrains as her nails scraped the metal just barely, nicking and cutting at it, she made quick work of the binds and broke free, grinning menacingly.

" Such a pity, such a handsome man should not fear such a girl. "

Adrian breathed, she was a prisoner of war, but he was terrified of the beast that lingered under her surface like a dangerous monster waiting to strike and kill. But while her thoughts and mind was on him, and not on the guard behind her with the strange needle, Adrian felt a pinch, then felt her mind go into a frenzy as she toppled to the dirt, before Samuel.

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