The Marigolds remind most of love

their sickly sweet smell of romance. ...

but to me, a marigold reminds me

of a very tragic dance.

I was with him on a sunny day

just me and him at peace.

We stared into eachother's eyes

we smiled but neither would speak.

He grabbed my hand slowly

and brought me to my feet.

He smiled and held me close,

I laughed as he held me close.

We danced in the utter silence.

No music was here,

we made our own

It wafted from the beating of our hearts.

We were so in love

I would do anything for him,

He would do the same.

We laughed and danced for some time,

but the end to this ryhme is a sad one.

For each happy moment must end.

We smiled and he leaned in to kiss my cheek a

nd he whispered into my ear

"I want to stay like this forever"

I laughed and told him it was not plausible

Then, he pulled a note out of his pocket

with a small and frail marigold

he placed them in my hands.

Then he did something no one could ever understand.

He pulled out a berry.

A poisonious one indeed.

And popped it into his mouth.

He looked at me intently, longingly.

Before I could shout,

his eyes rolled back

He fell into an everlasting sleep.

I collapsed next to his body.

His lifeless cold body.

A tear dripped from my cheek.

As I read the note he left me.

"My sweetest Marigold,

I love you more than last,

but I have left to live in your past."

"Do not cry, for I will cry too.

I just wanted to remember you,

the way you always were.

Now, lovely love I ask you,

My very last request.

Please wrap this marigold around your finger,

and be my wife at last."

I did so with a small smile

the marigold held strong for so many years upon years,

until I myself fell.

And now we meet in heaven above,

we both hold hands at last,

My marigold holds fast to my finger,

we are able to love eachother at last.