Snow, flurries of it, winter time, rushing streets slide tires, smoke rising into the sky, fire staining the clouds with orange and the ground with ash. Starring, peerage ants gasped, children's eyes covered, women looking away, tears filling their eyes. A loud screech, ears covered by fluffy mittens, eyes trained and straining against the smoke, against the carnage of the crash, a multitude of cars and a semi smashed up a motorcycle wheel goes flying, next a door, next an axel. Smoke, fire and ash sent in a flurry away from the crash away from the bloody mass of not so human flesh.

Like an explosion the cars scattered, pedestrians ran like ants, scattering, children picked up and babies carried off, the snow fell, silent in the chaos on main street. Ashy hair the color if the sky fell, like a wild mane of tangles, like a cloud of a lions prided mane, fluffy and thick hair that belonged to a woman caught in the middle of the square.

" Ice! "

Heads turned, eyes widened, watching starring as a girl no older then sixteen burst from a toy store all lit up like a Christmas tree, lavender hair flying like a flag, cowgirl boots of a hot pink color stomping and compacting the snow, a tiny mini skirt with suspenders fluttered as a blur of a woman panicking and squealing, with a southern twang, in distress bounced around the scene.

" Lucky, " A low eerie rumble, a deep Romanian accent, boomed through the air as a silhouette appeared on the semi, a tattered trench coat fluttered around in the wind as glowing embers appeared against the grey blackness, everyone watched everyone stared, horror, surprise and fear in the mortals eyes.

In human and undeniably strong, like a blur the silhouette jumped, like a blur an invisible object of destruction, landing with a heavy thump the female called Ice landed her combat boots thick, scuffed and black, tight jeans stretched over strong legs as a t-shirt smeared with dirt and blood clung to a strong build.

" Lucky, " the voice came again.

" Ice are you hurt! Oh my! I never should have left you alone! Why wouldn't you run like everyone else!"

Running around the ashy haired girl, the one called Lucky bounced and scurried, scampered and squealed worried and concerned about her friend.

Ice reached out and snatched the girl by her pale slender shoulder, " Lucky I am fine, relax." ice breathed soothingly as she pulled Lucky to her, hugging her with one arm.

Lucky gulped and nuzzled close to her dearest friend, her guardian and protector.


It had been hours, many many hours later, the carnage swept away the dead hauled off, Lucky and Ice where gone, like a breathless whisper of the chill. Well ice was at least.

Lucky moved like a cross country runny, a small coat over her skimpy outfit, hair in braids, a cow girl hat stuck over her head tightly as she ran head down, eyes low panicked whispers under her breath, she was late for her appointment. Ice had needed something from the store and Lucky had picked it up, dawn was breaking and Ice couldn't be out in the sunlight, begin a vampire in all, but yet again, that never explained Lucky, she could live on the beach and never burn up..maybe it was because shes shadow kissed, or maybe because-

Lucky's youths scattered like a child with ADHD on energy drinks and sugar sticks, as she barreled into another life form, with a cry of horror she dropped her bag, her stomach churned, purple red eyes widened, exotic, unlike any seen she hit the ground with a pained whimper shaking her head rapidly she looked around to see who, or what shed hit, her tiny but strong frame shaking in fear. Her eyes landing on a boy, and a younger boy, eyebrows pulled together in confusion, shouldn't they be home sleeping in their beds away from the monsters of the night? Her mind began to race again, faster then a mile a minuet, her eyes brightened as she slowly began to sit up grabbing her bag, aiming to stand she dusted herself off quickly trying to look dignified.

" S-sorry, my bad, I should have been watching, ack!" she fluttered around like a panicked bird as she bounced and spoke faster then most could even catch.

Author notes