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"You Caught My Eye"

I seek you out,

Flay you alive.

One more word and you won't survive.

She liked to play games with them. She liked drawing them out, singling them out, and trapping them. Sometimes, they didn't play along, and she had to end their fun early. She preferred them to be quiet and frozen stiff with fear.

They're much more cooperative that way. It's no fun if she has to stop too early.

And I'm not scared,

Of your stolen power.

See right through you any hour.

"You were so sad, you know," she crooned, "I couldn't resist taking notice of you, I couldn't resist being fascinated by you." She was slowly and closely circling him, the middle aged scarred man. He stared up at her, a small portion of his irises rolling back into his head. Frowning and unmoving, he sat, clasped to a cold hard metal chair.

"You need to let me go," he softly growled. She grinned fiendishly at him, and traced the underside of her nail up his cheek. Her eyes were dead and cold, and evil. She grabbed the right side of his jaw and she leaned in close. She put her steel lips to his ear.

"I'm afraid I can't do that," she breathed. His eyes shut, and he resisted a shiver. If he was going to get out of this alive, it would definitely take a miracle. He'd probably leave here in literal pieces, with the garbage. Maybe he'd actually be a poisoned lump of flesh? He had no idea. He could be electrocuted to ashes, but no matter what, it wasn't looking good for him.

"Why me? What did I do to deserve this?" he groaned pathetically. She chuckled, not yet answering. The answer to her was obvious, and really, they both knew it.

"I don't need to tell you why, silly! You know why you deserve to be here. That's why you need to face the fact that you are here, with me," she slowly said, each word getting colder and more menacing. She was glaring, her dark eyes like a black hole, sucking his life away.

"You have the wrong person. I don't deserve to be here!" He fought against his restraints as he shouted. She startled him by slapping the arms of the chair. She was cackling now, her eyes lit up.

"Oh! That's what they all say! 'Don't do this! You've got the wrong guy!' Complete crap, that is. Do you know how I know you deserve to be in this chair? I watched you! I know why you were sad, in the large crowd of people," she growled that sentence in his face. They stared at each other, understanding the truth of what would happen. It was a mental battle, a challenge, and neither said a word for several minutes.

Then she grinned wickedly.

"It's time to put the needles in," she said giddily, clapping. She backed away, and then walked behind the chair so he couldn't see her. He had briefly seen tubes and tanks and syringes before she put him in the chair.

"I've been bitten by a copperhead snake before, have you? You know they're venomous, right?" Now, even though he knew what was about to be injected into him, he sat frozen solid. There were some mental restraints he had set on himself, and he couldn't even blink. At some point, he started shaking.

He felt the sharp, cool needle puncture his skin, and he sucked in a short, shallow breath. It slid in further, and he turned his head a few more inches to see her push the killing liquid in. His heart started to race, pumping hard. She slid the needle out.

I won't soothe your pain.

I won't ease your strain.

You'll be waiting in vain.

I've got nothing for you to gain.

"I don't think you're going to die too soon," she murmured, smiling. She began prepping the antidote, and he closed his eyes. He was shaking. The venom had started to spread, burning his blood, making it thicken up. He could hardly breathe. He already felt like he was dying, by the hands of that madwoman.

"Kill me," he barely forced out. She chuckled, and out of context she wouldn't seem so crazy, the way she looked then. The mere fact that she was there made her light amusement so terrifying. It was like his weak plead for her to kill him was a joke that a friend told her.

"Sorry, not going to happen," she muttered back to him, smirking. That smirk was awful, and it sent an involuntary shutter down his spine. Maybe it was the venom. She leaned forward and injected the antidote in, calm as if she were a nurse giving a middle-school child a shot. He just let it happen.

"I'm not here to end your life. I'm here to show you what you need in order for your life to be balanced out. Everything you do comes back, don't you know? Or did you think you were too good for that old rule?" she asked, looking at him. She seemed more sane now; as if that crazy woman was more of a role she played in order to scare him.

"I didn't do anything they didn't deserve," he answered. She gave a short guffaw, and leaned back in her own chair, a soft, swirly one. She stared at him.

"How I seemed earlier? That was how you seemed to them. Only they were completely innocent- your insanity was truly scarring, nothing they could return from even if they ended up alive. We know this because one did- she's fine now, but you won't be," -she began to scrutinize him- "I don't plan on letting you see her. That would require the chance of your eyes meeting, and I don't need that. No, I just need you to suffer a while. It is what you deserve."

"You think you know who I am and what I've done, but you know nothing-" she cut him off.

"You killed children!" she shouted. "You killed adolescents! Innocent young people who had their whole lives ahead of them! I saw that girl leave through your basement door! That image of her is what will give me nightmares until I can't sleep- and she's like how she is now because of you! When you say you don't deserve this, why do you say it? Do you think what you did to them is justified? It's not, you sick jerk! I am going to show to you exactly how that girl felt, and all the others! I am not going to kill you, I am going to make you suffer!" she screamed, slamming a scorching hot slab of metal onto his arm, branding it. He screamed back in pain.

I'm taking it slow,

Feeding my flame,

Shuffling the cards of your game.

And just in time,

In the right place,

Suddenly I will play my ace.

She did it again to his other arm. He let out another tortured shout. She dropped back into her chair, a little shocked herself that she let her thoughts and feelings on the subject show through that much.

"I'll let that sizzle for a while," she murmured, looking away. She began planning what she was going to do next. Maybe it was time to torture him psychologically. When it came to going slow and really getting to him, she was much better at using her words than anything on that table behind him.

He panted, his chest heaving and his arms expelling heat. That had been unexpected, what just happened, he wasn't aware she was going to do that so soon. If he did, he supposed that maybe it would have felt worse- anticipation is never good in situations like this.

"Mr. Johnson, why did you kidnap those children?" she asked out of the blue. He looked up, eyebrows furrowed. What? She was going to keep talking?

"I assumed since you know everything, you would know this?" he posed it as a question. She leaned forward, her posterior seeming to have cooled.

"I have my theory- but I want to hear it from you. It'll give you one last chance to get everything out before…well, before you can't get everything out." He nodded quietly at that small warning statement.

"I kidnapped them because they deserved it," he answered her question. She shook her head.

"Why did they deserve it?" she pushed. He stared at her, unmoving.

"Their parents. How they treated each other. Those children didn't even realize that their parents could lock them in a basement and hurt them, like mine did. They were ungrateful. They needed a lesson," he grumbled. She raised an eyebrow.

"Really? There were a few toddlers in that mix- you honestly expected them to know what they should be grateful for?" Her tone was dry, and unamused. He stared at her.

"At that age I would have been," he spat. She narrowed her eyes and nodded once slowly.

"Yeah that doesn't surprise me. Honestly though, I think that's your cover up reason. You say it's because of the children, I think it's because of the parents. The parents actually loved their children, whereas yours didn't even like you. They hated you! I can't blame them either; you're unattractive and stupid as hell. You think part of their reasons for beating you was to knock some intelligence and good looks into you? They probably made it worse, but-"

"Shut up!" he shouted. "What they did was bad. Then those children, those stupid little ungrateful brats, they're awful too!"

"Not as awful as you!" she shouted back, laughing. Her crazy eyes were back. His bottom lip trembled. Her awful smirk came back as well.

"None of them were as awful as you. You've always deserved everything you got," she growled. He made a moaning sound in his throat.

"No, shut up!" he forced out hoarsely. She cackled.

"Oh, a little sensitive are we? Now tell me, now that we know how sensitive your mind is, how sensitive is your skin? Has it been worn down and beaten, or has it hardened to further protect you? Is it weak or strong?" She reached behind him, and he only had a second to wonder about what she was getting.

I won't soothe your pain.

I won't ease your strain.

You'll be waiting in vain.

I got nothing for you to gain.

It was a knife. She was getting a freaking knife.

"I'll tell you what. Admit to me that you're pathetic and your reason for killing was because you were jealous, and the knife will be the last thing I bring out to hurt you. If I finish what I'm about to do with this blade and you haven't said it, you'll have one minute. Then, if you still haven't said it, I've still got plenty of things I could do to you," she threatened lightly. He lifted his chin.

"What makes me think that I should believe you? How do I know you won't do the other things you had planned?" he whispered.

"I promise I won't. There's no point in prolonging your time before the inevitable too long. I've had most of my fun, I'm about to finish it. No need to exert any more energy than I have to on you," she explained, playing with the sharp and shiny knife. It looked like she had a certain fondness of it.

"Okay," he whispered again. Her smirk, which had temporarily disappeared, came back. His muscles tightened and he couldn't move, not even the little bit he could with the restraints she had on him.

The blade began to lick his calves.

Eyes on fire, your spine is ablaze.

Felling any foe with my gaze.

And just in time, in the right place.

Steadily emerging with grace.

He shouted and tried jerking away, despite his knowing that he couldn't get away. She chuckled, her lips tight in a thin line. She held his head back and looked him in the eye, crazy eyes turned back on- this was one of the features he'd noticed she could use at any moment, at her will. The look in her eyes was enough to terrify him and scar him right down to the moment where he knew he would die.

Felling any foe with my gaze.

Steadily emerging with grace.

Felling any foe with my gaze.

Steadily emerging with grace.

Suddenly she stopped, turned her head to the side, and her hand slowly went to her ear. It was like she was listening to something. Then she looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"Anything you want to say?" His mind came up blank, until he remembered the words he was supposed to say. She was giving him a chance to get out. He stumbled over the words, but said them nonetheless.

"Good." She pulled out a gun from her holster, which had been positioned behind her for the duration of their time, and hit him in the head with the butt of it. He slouched, unconscious.

She walked away from him, her heels clicking with each and every step, and her hips swaying.

"Swift ending," a voice in her ear commented. She smiled.

"Oh hon, if you had just given me more time," she slyly joked. She left the gigantic room she was in. She traveled through several hallways.

Her eyes glinted in the moonlight as she left the warehouse that night. She scanned the area, and smirked at the bench where she saw the now knocked out man for the first time. It was never a good thing if she took notice in someone. It almost always meant the worst.

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