And so here I am
Watching as the plains of time time roll swiftly by
Thinking of the best of times
The ones I'd call the better days

I'll stare out into the ocean sky
As it stares back to me
Wondering, remembering
Knowing that in the past, that person had been me

Those times I could miss so sorely
I wish sometimes could be left behind
But they are forever there, stuck within me
Because they've indubitably created this person who is me

Diamond Glass
Are those dear joys
Gazing through them, I can see
Leading through the string of events, of how I became the present 'me'

A man stripped of his honor
His dignity
Left hollow inside
A burned out muse; a simple useless muse

Like a man lost out in sea
In my own air, I'm drowning
In my own bed of flames
My rekindling passions

In through the Crystal Glass Memories,
I feel those chains
Forever reining myself away
Far away from my own dangerous desires