A/N: This story is futuristic, and I have so... many idea's of where to take it. I'm going to base a lot on legends of lore. There will be slash, BUT probably not anytime soon. This story will be long, and while some things have been decided, other things are still waiting to be set in place. Also, I write about mature things and topic's. Be prepared(not saying there will be...but... just in case be prepared) for violence, sexual themes, drugs, all kinds of adult themes. I'll probably not go deep, but I doubt I'll remember to warn at the beginning of every chapter.

Chapter One: Waking up to dream life

Forgotten Destiny

Dream for me,

Close your eyes and breath,

Let loose, be free, come and see me,

Don't let reality trap you beneath,

Let the Dreams lead you out of Pain,

Out of mental anguish, and sorrow,

Let me protect you from reality's sword of slain,

Let me lead you into a better tomorrow,

For I am the eyes that peer and watch you through the storm,

The hand that braces the broken,

I am the breath against your cheek warm,

The gleaming hope bringing token,

I am the one dancing without a sound,

The one singing in the unfeeling dark,

I am the newest, piled, dirt mound,

The one without a distinguishing mark,

I am the dream you keep close,

The tears you hide beneath anger,

I am the black and white entwined rose,

The kiss you longingly give to a stranger,

I am the screams you never voice,

The goodbye you'll always wish you gave,

The music played in the background, it was haunting, and I could feel goose-bumps rise over my arms. I approached the cloaked figure despite any ominous feelings. I needed to do this.

"What if those that swore to protect you never came?" sad words came out of those slow moving lips, they were slightly turned down, and a smudge of blood covered the bottom lip. I wondered how the figure knew I was there. He hadn't moved. I wondered whose blood smudged him, if that person was dead.

I am the one, who didn't give you a choice,

The path you willingly paved,

I am the lost one,

The one taken in the fiery night,

A hand gripped the metal bar used as railing on the battle ship, so hard the knuckles were white. "What if you came to love war, killing, hoping for the end? What if everything you came to love was a dream?" Desperate, he sounded so desperate; like that answer was the only thing he was clinging onto.

I am the decision you promised done.

The life you decided to fight.

The figure turned around and stared straight into my eyes. "What if you never wanted to wake-up?" His face was deathly calm, but behind that mask was lounging.

You are my savior,

Billowing in winds of broken.

"Then don't." I looked out into the battle being held in the air. I watched as flashes of red, orange, white erupted in the sky "Don't wake up."

We are forgotten legends whispered of old lore,

And together we are the dreamers never awoken.


The world is 2405 A.L.E. ("After Leaving Earth"), there are 20 civilized worlds. The world I live on, Demeter, is mostly known for farming and animals, we aren't wealthy or poor by far. I however feel that Demeter isn't where I wanted to live my life, for a number of reasons, so I decided to study hard in school and I became an ambassador on Hephaestus (a world that focuses more on technology advancement).

My name is Jarion Marven King. My real life started not in reality, but a fake life. That is where I truly began to dream.


Sitting at a table in a waiting for my late tour guide was truly getting ready to tick me off to the point of quitting my job. I could feel the edges of my lips sinking lower and lower. I better not being taken advantage of because I was seventeen. God-damn-it, I was going to kill someone over this.

" Mr. King!" A girl with bright pink hair ran up to me panting, the hair I noted didn't seem to move as she did, "Mr. King, so sorry I'm late. Oh gosh! I was playing Forgotten Destiny, and I forgot to plug in 8:00 for my log out time! Oh! I'm so sorry!"

"A game? You missed our appointment for a game?!" Oh I could feel my blood pressure rising. And why the hell does it matter if she's late because of a game, she's still late!

"Well, it's not really an appointment." She mumbled rather unattractively in my opinion. Stupid women, they should always at the very least try and act smart. Maybe a fluke would suddenly happen and the worlds would finally see a woman worth the space it took up.

"It was an appointment." I stated dryly. She gave me this seething stare, and I stared back completely unfazed, she had nothing on my mother. She sighed and started walking moving her hands here and there explaining the Capitols sights and their importance to history. She seemed to have recovered from any anger as she babbled about her city and people.

"See there, is a perfect example of our culture, 99% percent of the population play some type of virtual reality. It's embedded in our lifestyle. Game after game, although this is the longest lasting one in the ranking number one spot. It's been out for twenty-five years coming up this month." Her hand gestured to a giant poster (this day and age posters move, like T.V. today, usually in a five minute loops) right across the street taking up the side of a building. The poster had a dark background and its main focus was bright white star in the center with different colored swirls coming off and around it in a somehow soothing, crazy manner. Words flashed in a curvy fancy font. Reality not all it's cracked up to be? Ever wish you were someone else? Wish you could be evil, or a hero of the Universe? Do you long for a peaceful farmer or shopkeeper's life? Forgotten Destiny is a new reality. Forgotten Destiny is a place where you have a different destiny. Where you can be someone you are meant to be. A picture of cloaked person then ran across the screen giving off the same swirls the star was. The cloaked person turned and looked out, glowing purple eyes all you could see before the cloaked figure ran off screen again.

"It sounds silly." A bit bored, it was only marginally interesting.

She looked at me skeptically, "have you even played a virtual reality game?"

"No, like I said, it sounds silly." I said irritated. What did it matter if I had played a virtual reality game or not? What did a game have to do with a city tour anyway?

Her eyes widened, "No way! Seriously! You're serious?! You're kidding right? You've never played a virtual reality game!" Her hands were making frantic movements and she looked like hysterical, a typical looking women. It was rather amusing in the way she was panicking.

"I've never played a virtual reality game." I stated hiding my amusement.

"You… We!" She was gasping trying to talk and her eyes were wide, looking like a gaping fish too long out of the water. "We're going shopping now!" She stomped away a manicured hand clenching my wrist. She seemed to have snapped. Perhaps I shouldn't have egged her on so much.


I sighed tiredly and set the bag that carried the game and virtual reality helmet on the sofa and went straight towards the wine cellar. I needed a drink.

Grabbing a drink and pouring myself a small glass, I went back into the living room and sat on the sofa and eyed the game manual, it was completely black expect for the word, 'manual', written in white that looked smudged, or glowing depending on the way you looked at it. I picked it up with one hand and opened to the first page, sipping my drink in the other.

~When starting the game, you will be asked if you want a keep-stake from real life in the game, an object like a piece of jewelry or a piece of string, something small that can be kept on that would be important to your character~

My eyebrows rose, what weird directions. Why was that the first thing listed? Wouldn't it make more sense to have some vibrant detail of blood-shed and heroics? I fingered the necklace around my neck bitterly; of course it was somewhat ironic in a way as well. I continued to scan the first page studiously.

~ You will be asked about changes in appearance when first starting. Overall facial features cannot be changed unless extreme changes in race~

~There are a number of planets, and governments that go along with these planets, each vastly different from another and have special cultures~

~NPC's act like real people. You will be unable to tell you are not a NPC, or ask. This will keep the game-play more authentic. You will also be unable to tell anyone or thing that you are a player~

~If you die you will have a screen of options come up. Most of the time it will be losing a level, but in some rare cases you may have to abandon the character. Warning is usually advised when taking a mission that may involve choices such as abandoning a character. Dying is extremely painful however and it's advised to be avoided. Also considering the type of gameplay chosen may influence after death options ~

~100% realism in pain, unless you are resilient by some unnatural way. Players are warned however that getting used to pain is common in some story lines~

I sighed, most of this was not important for immediate game-play. It could be learned through experience in the game. I grabbed the helmet and made my way towards my bedroom plugging into the wake-up timer for 7 am. I collapsed in the bed and didn't bother taking off my clothes. I closed my eyes and reality faded.


The world was dark but then, it flickered and words flashed slowly, blaring in the darkness. This is the starting room. You will meet a worker that will help you through the game, and customize all available customizations. This will be the only time for these options. Please take the options seriously.

"Hello there!" A woman with brunette hair and light green eyes smiled, and giggled a type of laugh that made your ears bleed. She was dressed in a sleek one-piece suit as white as the now growing blinding white expanse background popped into existence. I winced and covered my eyes. These intense changing backgrounds were getting annoying.

"I'm here to help you with the game and stuff!" I could feel my blood pressure throb in my ears.

"AND stuff? What kind of stuff?" Oh how I hated that word, stuff. Stupid word, it's more vague than the word everything.

"You know, like appearance and problems you encounter!" Chirpy, idiotic, and a woman, oh the fun we're going to have. I scowled. I would not be letting her help me with any problems. I knew her type; she'd probably just make them worse. I snapped my attention back to the woman and realized I'd just missed a good three minutes of torture in the form of ear blabbing.

"Call me Flora!" Her lips flapped. "Now, would you like to be in game-raised or Earthian-raised?" She had a dumb smile on her face. She was probably not getting paid a lot to do this.

"What's the difference?" I questioned with a glare, I wanted this over with.

"Well," she began ignoring my glare, she smiled a sweet looking smile that didn't make her any smarter looking, "in-game-born, is in the game and Earthian is born on a virtual earth. The in-game option has less options and but more storyline, and the Earthian, where I live is fun and-."

"Game-raised," The words cut her off instantly. No way in hell was I going to play a game anywhere near this foolish waste of hot air for brains. I was also not going to like whatever the moron thought was fun. In-game was my only option at this point for peace. Plus, I might get lucky and never meet her again if I went with the in-game option.

"Oh. Well that's rare." She said dumpishly and suddenly I was staring at a blank, emotionless face of a nude 3-D image of myself. I took a shocked step back. I studied myself for a moment and noticed some obvious differences while in the process of getting over the uncomfortable feeling of seeing myself for the first time not on a 2-D screen. I also really didn't like that fact that the dumb brunette helper "Flora", could see me in my birthday suit, she was staring rather intensely. What a dumb pervert.

"This will be your appearance in the game, it's not random. Your appearance is defendant on the games need for your place in the game. You look nice." Flora chirped.

My hair was a white blonde instead of black, and much longer than my average nape length. The flowing blonde hair was at the very least to the shoulder blades and seemed to be randomly cut here and there, giving a very nice wind-swept, ragged look. It looked rather nice on my body. The skin was very tan; to the point of the olive tint signifying a lifetime in the sun, one could only tell was a tan because in some hidden places the skin was still a creamy peach color. The eyes were a brighter green than my natural darker shade, either because of the darker skin or because they were literally a lighter shade I couldn't quite tell. The skin was decorated in what looked like tattooed grey swirls. The grey swirls went up the side of the body, and neck. Smaller swirls framed the outer arms. The whole look was distinctly unnerving, I had a feeling that they were supposed to be a darker color.

"What the fuck did you do to my body." I drawled, turning a cold look at her.

"It's your in-game body. I can't do anything!" She quickly said hiding her face behind hands. "You can't customize it, you just get what the game gives you. It's part of the whole in-game experience." She took a couple steps back. Good, because I was worried with the previous glares I'd sent her way that I'd lost my charm.

"Oh, how nice of you to explain it before hand, a matter of fact, you're atrocious at explaining things. You need to get a new job." I smirked at her down trodden expression. "Now explain to me about stats and skills. How do I distribute those? The manual said I could do this here." I eyed her with narrowed eyes.

"You um.. Can't, in-game born are automatically given set skills and stats to start off according to the place they're born." She stuttered and the white expanse was quickly fading. Was I waking up already? I frowned.


I jerked awake and ran a hand through my long blonde hair, then froze. Guess I wasn't awake after all. I was still in the game. I sighed and looked around the shack, which I clearly recalled in memories not exactly my own, was in a tree, and belonged to an old woman who sent pangs of sorrow through my chest. The old woman had died six months back leaving me all her belongings to me as her adoptive son.

I fiddled with the ragged shorts that seemed to be one of four sets of clothes I owned. I closed my eyes and remembered the old woman dying, and how she'd told me she never regretted taking me in. That I was a beautiful gift sent by Nereusita, the sea goddess of the Nereus Ocean were surrounded by on the island. I opened my eyes and frowned. I was found washed up on shore when I was five, ten years from the age I was now. My eyes widened further, wait… I was fifteen years old. Fuck, where's Flora, I need her last name and the sector she works in, she screwed me over.

"Shit," I mumbled, and I had to scope the shores for shells today too. I got up from the pallet on the floor and grabbed a piece of bread and jumped down a hole in the floor, falling 12 feet to the forest bellow and made my way to the beach to get sea shells to make necklaces and bracelets for the tourists who arrived by flying cruise ship.

I absently thought of my situation while chewing on the nice tasting bread. My character's story didn't seem to be too bad. I was adopted by someone nice, treated alright by the villagers, and I made an alright salary lazing about finding shells. I smiled just a bit. I was also considered fairly attractive by the village girls who I couldn't give the time of day to, and flirted with by personnel from the ships. Nice, seemed my life was just above standard.

I arrived on the beach and grabbed a basket already set there by me the previous day and started gathering. It was calming and with the fresh water stream nearby I was in paradise. My last thought before drifting into a daydream for the rest of the day was about a fried tasty fish I planned to have for supper. I could get used to this.


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