"Miss Faye? When did you get Eloise, and how come she acts more like a familiar than a pet?

This was the question Dinah asked as the pair walked back to the house, carrying baskets of potions ingredients the got from the forest. Miss Faye smiled and opened the door, her little student trotting behind her and holding a basket of wildflowers, moss, and mushrooms.

"Well, I got her when I was a little girl," she started while labeling and putting away jars of swamp and lake water in the potion ingredient cupboards in the kitchen, "and after awhile, my magic must've started to rub off on her~."

At that moment, the white fluffy cat sauntered in and nudged a small box of newt eyes and salamander tails so they could be put away. Miss Faye smiled and scratched Eloise behind the ear for her good job and the cat responded with a satisfied purr.

"Where'd you find Eloise?"

"The poor thing was just a kitten in a cardboard box when I found her," she picked up the cat and nuzzled its fur, "Actually, I was about your age when I found her, Dinah."

Dinah's eyes lit up a little and smiled, clapping her hands excitedly, "Maybe I'll find a pet like Eloise soon."

"Maybe you will," Miss Faye chuckled and pat the girl's head, "Oh, do you mind going back to the market? I forgot to get some things for my stew tonight."

The elder witch took off her hat, pulled out a small grocery list and handed it to Dinah, "Come back soon alright, dear?"

"I will!" Dinah took the list and saluted before grabbing her hat and cape of of her rack, making sure her wand was in her satchel before running out of the house and walking down the dirt path from her home to the village. Along the way, she noticed the animals more than usual; the squirrels skittering from tree to tree, a stag and fawn munching on a patch of grass, some robins flying above her as she stopped to grab a sprig of chamomile, and the distant howl of a wolf that echoed its way to her ears.

"So many animals I'm seeing... and there's countless more out there," she mused and tugged on her hat, "I wonder if I'll find one to be my familiar."

These thoughts ran through her head as she did her shopping; picking up carrots, celery, and some more vegetables for tonight's stew. As she was almost done, she noticed a box with a "take to a good home" sign propped up against it. When she peeked in, Dinah's eyes watered a little. It was a sleeping caramel colored dwarf lop-eared bunny.

"Hello little one..." she whispered and gently pet the little creature as it stirred awake. It's big brown eyes looked at Dinah and its nose twitched before peeking out of the box. The girl reached into the bags with the vegetables and pulled out a bit of romaine lettuce to the lop. The rabbit sniffed it a moment before it began munching on the leaf until it was gone. After giggling at the sight Dinah looked thoughtful and put the groceries in her satchel, which was charmed by Miss Faye to hold up to one hundred pounds, she picked up the box with the bunny before setting off for home.

"I think you'll like it at home," Dinah started talking to the rabbit as she walked along the path, "There's lots of room to hop around, as many veggies as you can eat, and Miss Faye and Eliza are really nice. Plus, I'll always be around to take care of you." She couldn't tell, but the bunny felt happy at Dinah's words. Once they were home, Dinah took the bunny in her room and took the animal out of the box. The creature hopped around a moment before sniffing around and settling on a sunny spot on the floor.

"Hold on, bunny," Dinah looked out her door, "I have to go put the groceries away~!"

The girl smiled and took the food into the kitchen to put away, and when she came back up she saw Miss Faye in her room, handing the bunny a tiny bit of carrot as she stood.

"Um... I can explain," Dinah started before the elder witch held her hand up.

"It's okay, Dinah," Miss Faye chuckled as the nervous girl calmed down, "You can keep your little friend, she seems very happy to be here."

The bunny affirmed this by hopping into Dinah's arms happily before the girl pet her with a smile.

"What are you gonna name her?"

Dinah looked thoughtful and grinned childishly, "I'll name her... Toffee!"

"Well then, welcome to the family, Toffee," Miss Faye smiled and pet the newest member of their family.