The power of a spell.

I was watching her again. I have been doing that a lot lately. I do it because I care and I'm worried. She gets this strange, foreign look in her eye. It's like she has no choice. Strange. Her movements are some what forced but at the same time it's like she can't control them. Almost as if she's under a spell. It really worries me. I asked her if she was okay but she either ignored me or pretended she didn't hear me. Strange. She acts as if something is wrong but its also right. Her actions all have a purpose, nothing is for fun. She has lost all sense of enjoyment and energy. Strange. It almost as if she's under a spell.

It all started a week ago, after she came back from the town. She hasn't told anyone what she did there. Like her memory was gone. I tried to ask but she ignored me. Strange. Something must of happened. No one can be as happy and angelic as she was, go some where, come back and be dull and in a sense delusional. Strange. That's why I have been watching her. To try and find out what's wrong. Maybe if she just opened up and spoke I wouldn't have to waste my time trying to find out what's obviously wrong. It's weird because I do.

It must be bad for that infant of hers, however I suppose when your that age you don't really realise if something's terribly wrong. It must get lonely having a secret baby, having to be careful. It doesn't really explain her behaviour though. I also know she loves that baby ore than anything in the world. Maybe that's why she's keeping it a secret, so it doesn't get taken away because she's out of wedlock. Sad ally, having to keep your baby secret so you don't get disowned.

Anyway she just got this strange look in her eye. Even worst than normal. Her eyes are fixed forward and point in away that makes you think all is forgotten. It's never happen before and I'm worried. She's started walking, no scratch that marching towards the baby's room. She moves like a robot but still delicately. Almost like when your under a spell. She picked up the babe and held her close to her heart. Like a mothers gesture. That's the most normal thing I have seen her do in a while.

She places a raggedy old blanket over her back and walks out the old rotting wood door.

After a while she gets to the then I realise it is whether eyes have been pointing at the whole time. That must mean something. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, on the contrary maybe my gut feeling, that something is wrong, is right.

On a cold winter night like tonight the moors get horribly horrid. The already deserted area becomes even more of a place you try and escape. The animals are all shivering together underground instead of trying to face the nights freezing landscape. The wind howls and your mind plays terrifying tricks on you. It's definitely not the place you want to spend the night. The landscape is big and bare with only a few trees still standing. It seriously gives anyone the creeps.

I suppose that's what's making me even more suspicious. It also makes me wounded what she's doing with a baby out here. All this considered the look in her eye and the way she moves makes me believe she's not in control of herself. Much like a witches spell would do. I pray to The Lord to make sure she's okay. I guess we will find out if he hears my prayers.

She moves silently towards one of the few trees. A black crow appears, perched on a branch directly above her. I swear me and it locked eyes but 'twas so quick it could of just been one of the moors tricks. I'm getting really scared now. The temperature has dropped considerably and it's not long before pneumonia will set on on the baby. What on earth is she doing.

She places the baby down at the foot of the tree. Please don't be what I think it is. She then abruptly stands up and walks away. The strange disoriented look never left her eye, but a single tear did.

The baby cries and wails like a banshee. Then stops. Signalling the end of its short life and the power a witches spell can have.

I guess I should explain who I am. I am the person always there but never sees. I am the person you know but ever knew. I am like the wind constantly moving. I am like the sun, always there. I am the observer.

AN- I wrote this story for English class and got good comments about it so decided to upload it here. I hope you like it and its just this short ish one shot.

Thanks ktclaire99