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I stare at her as she saunters over to me, flipping her hair and swaying her hips.

Obviously everyone in the cafeteria notices something is going on because there are a lot more people around us now.

Suddenly, she is next to me, along with her new boyfriend, Mike. She has a smug grin plastered on her face – like she is planning something that will embarrass me.

I raise my eyebrow when she extents her hand and trusts a package wrapped in shiny red paper in my hands.

She waits for a few seconds, daring me to give the gift back, before she starts speaking.

"Happy Birthday Evelyn."

I can't help but hope this is a truce and she actually is sorry for what she did. But I look at Mike's pained face, then Jessica's hand wrapped around his and reality slaps me in the face.

I lean across the table after pushing my lunch tray out of the way and grab the gift. I try to decide if I should open it or not, considering this is Jessica – the evil bitch.

I turn the gift around in my hands for a few seconds, hoping it is not some kind of animal, something nasty like cockroaches, and decide it is rather soft to be a bag full of insects.

I tear apart the red wrapping paper only to face the most shameless thing I've ever seen.

I think about all the bad things that has gone through my head before opening the gift and can't help but think it is pretty creative.

It is not condoms or insects like I predicted. Nor it is an old reminder of our ex-friendship.

No, actually it is a slutty, bright yellow t-shirt that has a bold black writing on the front that says "Your Boyfriend Is Flirting With Me".

I can hear people whispering 'ooh's and 'aah's like it is the brightest idea in the world.

"Thanks." I say dryly, not a bit of gratitude in my voice.

"You are welcome, sweetie." Jessica replies smoothly. "I am sorry it is a bit late." I hate the way she emphasizes 'a bit'.

I hear Trevor snorting but I don't turn around.

Now whispers around us are more audible which means everyone knows what she implied. I am also very well aware of what she meant and she is not referring to the fact that my birthday was 2 days ago.

No, what she means is...he is not my boyfriend anymore.

I look at the hideous piece of clothing in my hands one last time before stuffing it into my backpack. I slam my locker shut and come face to face with Trevor.

"I see you're keeping the t-shirt." He grins attractively.

"Yeah, well...it might come in handy – when I get my revenge." I scoff.

Something flickers in his eyes and somehow he is more serious now. "You are not going to get back together with him, are you?"

I snort unattractively. "Oh hell, no...I am not that desperate yet."

His signature grin is back on his face.

"And he is your best friend, I wouldn't want to see you more than necessary." I grin cheekily.

He stares at me for a few minutes, as I search for my car eyes in my backpack, amusement evident in his eyes.

I suddenly snap and turn around to face him. "What?"

"Nothing." He grins even wider. "You have to admit the gift was kind of well-thought."

I roll my eyes however can't help but think he is somehow right. "Well, it is pretty meaningful." I snort.

"At least for someone with her IQ." He adds, nodding like it is the most scientific thing he has ever said.

I chase away the unwanted thoughts I have about him – such as the softness of his hair and the pinkness of his lips – and smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Trev." I call out as I am walking through the school gates.

"See you later , Eve."

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