That is the only word I can think of right now.

I am staring at my French homework as if I'm trying to make it disappear. Décrivez-vous avec un adjectif it says.

I am trying, I really am but there is no other adjective that describes me so well. I sigh in frustration as I put the offending piece of paper in my folder.

I look around, hoping to catch a glimpse at Trevor. He is nowhere to be seen. I feel a pang in my heart when I think about him moving on.

So, I think about my homework. Now, I can find some words that fit me.

Stupid. Pathetic. Regretful.


For two days, I see Trevor everywhere I go. Our eyes meet and I am always the one who turns away. He looks at me intensely, as if he is waiting for me to run and jump in his arms.

I don't.

Because I am a coward. A big stupid coward.

I walk to my French class with a frown on my face. I take my seat next to Laura, a girl wearing a tight pink dress. "Oh my god, Evelyn, did you hear what happened?"

I turn around to face her, wondering why she is talking to me. "Uh, no?"

"Jessica and Mike broke up." I give her a doubtful look but she continues. "So, are you going to, like, get together now?"

"I really don't think so." I say dryly, raising my eyebrows.

"Oh, okay. It would be weird, like, Jessica wants to date Trevor now. You shouldn't complicate things." She says smoothly.

It surprises me when she uses words like complicated, but I don't show it.

Suddenly, as I am staring at the blond girl in front of me, I realize why I don't care about what Laura, Mike, Jessica or anyone else thinks. I remember what I knew all along, even before I dated Mike. I only want one thing. Trevor.

I don't just go and jump into his arms, though. Instead, I take out my French homework before the teacher comes in and scribble down one word.


At lunch, I know what I am going to do and I have no intention of backing down.

I make my way to the cafeteria and walk straight to the table where Mike, Trevor, Jessica and their friends are sitting.

Trevor looks at me with wide eyes, probably wondering what the hell I am doing. I smile faintly.

"Mike, can I talk to you for a second? In private." I ask, not daring to look at anyone but him.

Now, whispers can be heard all over the cafeteria.

He nods silently and stands up slowly.

While I am dragging him away from the crowd, I see Trevor closing his eyes tightly. He sighs and stands up abruptly. In the corner of my eye, I can see him walking out of the cafeteria, not looking back.

There is just one thing I have to do. And after my talk with Mike, no one will be able to stop me from jumping into Trevor's arms.

The next morning, everything is cleared up between Mike and I. He knows how I feel towards Trevor. So, the only thing there is left to do is...well, tell Trevor.

I look for Trevor all around the school and when I finally find him, the sight isn't pretty.

Jessica is pressed up against him, running her perfectly manicured nails all over his chest.

I don't feel hurt though, I can see how uncomfortable Trevor looks. He is trying to push her off gently, not that Jessica deserves gentle or kind.

I clear my throat loudly and they both look at me. Though, Jessica's hands never leave his chest.

Trevor avoids looking me in the eye but I have a feeling that will change soon.

Jessica looks at me expectantly, daring me to say something.

Ooh, revenge is sweeeet.

"Hey Jess! I've got something for you."

I open my backpack and reach inside. I grab the slutty piece of clothing and throw it right at her head.

Jessica stares at the T-shirt for a while, as if she is trying to understand what I'm trying to imply. Well, she was never too bright.

Trevor is looking right into my eyes, he knows what I am doing. I smile and he smiles back.

Before Jessica can complain about how I messed her hair up, Trevor pushes her away.

He is smiling wider than I've ever seen him smile before. We each take a few steps towards each other until I am pressed against him.

Just before he dips his head down and captures my lips with his, he speaks loudly so that Jessica can hear us.

"And she is just on time, too."

The end.

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