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"Londyn?" Adyna Nixon called.

"In here!" a muffled voice replied. A tall red-haired woman staggered out of a large closet.

"Oh, good. Londyn Remembrance Norell, don't you scare me like that again," twenty-year-old Adyna chided her room-mate, Londyn Norell.

"Just packing up for the holidays. I'm staying at Brenann's this year." Brenann Trinidad was her current boyfriend. "You know when the boy takes the girl to meet their parents? So romantic . . ." Londyn trailed off and sighed dreamily.

"Hopeless," Adyna groaned.

"Hey," Londyn piped up. "Wouldn't it be cool if our children fell in love with each other?"

Adyna glanced sideways at her room-mate. "I guess?" she answered in question form.

"Let's say mine was the celebrity rock-star boy and yours the little nobody girl . . . wouldn't that just be romantic?"

"Great," Adyna muttered, rolling her eyes.

"I'm serious!" Londyn protested, her eyes bright. "That seriously would be so cool. Then we would be, like, sort-of sisters!"

Adyna nodded. "Uh, sure—" A loud knock on the dorm door cut her off.

"It's Bren!" Londyn grinned. "He promised us dinner yesterday, remember Adyna?" She walked towards the door and turned the knob. "Hey, Bren!" Londyn greeted her boyfriend. Adyna offered a small wave.

Bren ran his hand through his dark brown hair. "Hey, ladies. Um, ready for dinner?"

Londyn had insisted on sitting in the back seat, to "not make Adyna feel as lonely."

"Anyways," Londyn smiled. "As I said before, it would be pretty awesome if our children met and fell in love. So romantic." Bren chuckled from the driver's seat.

"Um, and how exactly will that work out?" Adyna queried, rolling her eyes again.

"Hm . . ." Londyn's bright green eyes glinted eerily, and she flashed a mysterious smile. "You'll see one day, Adyna Nixon. Just wait. Just wait and you'll see."

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So, the rewrite of Fortunes of Love isn't up yet, but I really wanted to post this story so I did :)
So, you like the title? You can search 'Incandescence' on Google, and it will give you a bigger hint on what the story's about (the part not clarified by the summary), although the prologue gave you a huge clue already. If you're going to search it, think about the other definition(s) . . .

Incandescence intertwines with Lilly Prescott Adaria's Benevolence. Read them both to understand happenings better!

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