"How the Rose Got Its Name"

There once was a red flower that, according to all of the other flowers, was not as pretty as the rest. It had been neglected and gone without water for days, and was leaning over in sadness after losing his beautiful red color. What had the flower done to upset the other flowers? Had he been mean to the others without meaning to? Had he said something wrong? Why was his caretaker not taking care of him? He didn't know, and he was very upset about it.

One day, the red flower had fallen over, and it just so happened that the other flowers saw it fall. They laughed at the red flower, calling him weak and sensitive. He tried to weep, but had gone without water for so long that tears just would not fall. Instead, he just lay there, wondering why all of the other flowers were picking on him and why he didn't have any water. His caretaker had been so mean to forget him!

One bright and sunny day, the red flower looked to the sky and saw hope. He saw that there were rain clouds on the way, bearing the promise of life for him. So, he prayed. He bowed his petals and prayed for patience, kindness, and the will to be nice to all of the other flowers. He would not be mean back to the others; it wouldn't be fair!

Finally, the rain began to fall. The clouds had hidden the sun from his view, and the water had begun to fall from the sky, giving him life and joy. His wondrous red color came back and his petals no longer drooped. He pulled himself up to stand tall and proud, glad to now have life. His red petals opened up to form a beautiful bloom, and he took a look around.

He was taller than all of the rest! He had risen above his pain, and now he was just as beautiful as before! All of the flowers admired him and praised him for being courageous, and they all admitted that they wished they were as beautiful as he was. Then, the flowers each decided to give him a name.

They named him Rose, to honor the way he rose above the challenge of being neglected. And, every day after that, they called him Rose, to show they each cared for him. And each day, Rose became even more beautiful.


Written By: Kelcie Davis