It had begun. Our first mission was suffer here at least another month, in order to build up our strength by receiving as many vaccines as possible. Each vaccine seemed to be more painful than the last it seemed.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, it was time.

"Okay Harvey, now's your time." I said in a hushed tone.

He nodded his great furry head once.

Suddenly, he let out a ear-shattering howl that made me jump, and I was even expecting it. He ended it after a few seconds and fell over, making all of our cages shake.

I could hear the humans coming, several of them by the sound of it, our plan was working! They rushed over to his cage where Harvey was laying on his side, not moving. I heard another howl from one of the different cages, and heard a thump shortly after. I heard more humans rush over there, trying to figure out what was wrong. Soon enough, I heard the third and final howl and thump, signaling it was time.

I watched in delight as Harvey sprung to life and jumped on the humans in white coats, snapping his jaws to hurt as many humans as possible. I heard two more wolves do the same off in the distance. It didn't take that long. Within minutes, the humans were left on the ground, beaten and blood staining their white coats. I saw Harvey and the other two wolves going around and popping the locks on the cages by biting and pulling them off, one by one, until almost every canine there was out, and no creature was left in a cage.

Scruffs and Harvey were up in the front, shepherding all of them into the hallways, while I was at the back, helping the young and the old to keep moving as fast as they could.

We went as fast as we could for about 200 canine species working together, making it almost all the way down the hallway into the main office, where there was something we did not account for, more humans. This time they were dressed in black uniforms with strange devices that I recognized, something I had only seen a handful of times, the humans were holding guns.

I yelped in alert, "Get out of here! These humans will kill you!" I yelled and yelled, warning them of the danger none of them had seen before. I don't think they heard me, because a fair few of them attacked and lunged at the humans, only to hear a loud bang and see their bodies hit the ground unmoving. Many animals whimpered and retreated, most of them stayed and fought. I was among them.

The air was soon filed with shrieks, howls, and growls, followed by the loud bangs from the human "guns." I watched in horror as animals fell to my left and to my right. I was very frightened, and I scurried through the humans legs as they shot at other creatures, and dove into a nearby bush, concealing me from sight.

I spent the next hour in absolute agony, listening to the noises of my kin being eliminated by the cruel race of humans. When all of it had died down, I heard the cries of Harvey and Scruffs as they cried their last cries, before the gunfire silenced them both forever.