I was horrified, I ran out of the bushes into a human road. I stood on the side as I watched cars speed by. When cars seemed to cease, I sped across, and into the trees beyond. I ran, and I ran, tree branches whacking my face left and right.

I felt my paw scrape a sharp rock, but I kept going. Through creeks, over rocks, past roads, dodging branches I went. Until I arrived at what I thought would be my former home, but I was deceived.

Where my den had once resided, there was a monumental building, the road around it filled with cars and humans, and the forest around it was obliterated.

I laid my ears back against my head and put my tail between my legs and sped off backwards, away from this monster.

Again I ran, through the forest, through creeks, over rocks, past roads, dodging branches once again, as I set off in a new direction towards the north. The further I ran, the more the landscape changed.

The trees had started to thin, as did the bushes, replaced by trees that seemed to touch the clouds, and mossy ground underneath. I decided to make a new den here, wherever I was, in this giant forest.

Making a new den took quite a while, it was almost winter by the time I had finished. I had concluded that this new den was even better than my last one, for the tree trunks provided more protection and the thick growth on the floor was very good for the bedding.

I spent many many years in this forest, adapting my ways of hunting, avoiding the new predators, and just settling down after such a traumatizing event. I never could find a mate however, I don't think it was natural for foxes to live in this area.

During these years, my new home was invaded, by none other than the wretched humans themselves. They had taken my home, my friends, and my former life, I was not about to go without a fight.

They came without guns, without any weapons that I could see, but there was something. Something that shook the ground, something that made the incredible trees quiver and shake, until falling with crash louder than anything I had ever heard. When these magnificent trees fell, the humans chopped it into pieces, and put the pieces into trucks, several trucks. They repeated this process until almost every tree in the area was fallen, the only one left standing was my own, the tree which had sheltered my den for almost three years.

It seemed like they took extra time getting to my tree, but I think they knew. I think they knew that some creature was living underneath that tree.

During this time, I had fled to my den in search of safety, with the hope that if I got away, that it wouldn't be happening. I stayed there, hiding my face in my rust-colored tail in fear.

Eventually, they came to my tree and suddenly, I felt all fear leave me.

I walked out of my den, my head held high, as the humans' machine lingered closer. I let out a single howl, before the human tree-wrecker destroyed the last of the our forests.