Beautiful Butterfly

A single phone call

Made my entire heart fall

Yes, I was left speechless

And a cold sort of emptiness

Invaded my body

Thinking of you in such pain

Was like lying breathless in the pouring rain

Cold, and empty, and tragic

I ask where is the logic

These days

When I realize

How I've never told you how

Dearly I look up to you

Until now

Failure or success

I must confess

You're like an older sister

I never thought I possessed

You're a friend

A sister,

A beautiful, beautiful butterfly

Just waiting to take flight

So you have to win this fight!

I know you're strong

And I have faith that you'll move on

There are just so many that care

And I know that you're in their prayers

So I confess

I love you more

Than I've ever professed

You're a friend

A sister,

A beautiful, beautiful butterfly

And I still don't know why

I haven't told you until now Sprinkles,

When you smile

Your eyes twinkle

And when you laugh

I smile in behalf

Of an emotion called happiness

Yes, Sarah,

I confess

You're my friend

A true sister

And without an ounce of sarcasm:

You really are a beautiful, beautiful butterfly!

And now I know why :)