The storms path

Storm- 18 year old boy, black hair grey eyes. Controls weather

Arille(ari)- 17 year old brunette bright green eyes. Controls elements

Rayne and Tyri- 18 year old twins blonde hair blue

Victoria(toni)- native American, dark brown hair and almost black, dark brown eyes. Mage.

Lightning cracked in the distance, a second later rain poured down, I turned to Storm.

"nope, didn't do it." He said answering my unsaid question

"could ya make it stop? I don't like rain, it's sad."I ask

"Ari, if you don't want to get rained on go inside" storm replied

" I don't wanna" I pouted

" then don't use me as your weatherman"

"but you are!" I yelled

He sighed "where's Toni?" he ask

"dunno" I said not even looking up from the sword I was making. I was making a elaborate broadsword. The blade was a dark ore, silver twisting and swirling through it. Right now I was working on the hilt a simple metal frame with a soft leather grip that I was twisting and weaving through the frame.

"Tyri did you get your dagger fixed?" I ask

He shook his head no

"hand it over" I argued, he passed it to me

I took his dagger and began to heat the blade hammering it together. I observed my work and cooled down the blade ice crystallizing on it. It still had a few dents but the cracks and big dents had been fixed.

"do you want me to fix the hilt" I ask "it's kind of worn"

He shook his head no again

"AAAAARRRRRRIIIIIIIII" a voice screamed in my head

"what do you want Toni?" I ask my head throbbing

" I want you to get you but out her and help me hunt for dinner! NOW" she yelled

"okay I'm coming" I replied

"Toni wants me to come help her find dinner" I said as I left to go find my elusive friend

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