The storm's path

Chapter two

"Toni, is something wrong? I ask, concerned

"oh, no I'm fine" she assured me "we're almost there"

"almost where? Toni what are you hiding?" I was immediately suspicious

" well I want you to meet someone, he wants to travel with us and he is not a threat" she started "can he please travel with us, he's nice and will not eat much and I really like him …" she blurted out

I interrupted her "Toni it's fine with me, I'm glad your showing interest in a guy."

" umm Kale you can , come out now" she said to the bush

A tall boy walked out of the bush " My name is Kalee'n Jace Lee. You can call me Kale, Kaleen, Jace or even Lee I don't care." He stated " It's a pleasure to meet you Ari, that is your name? You are also one of my mates friends, are you not?"

"Why yes I am one of the friends of your, um mate. I answered hesitantly. Toni blushed. I turned on her "you will explain, understand me." Then turning to Kale I suggested we go meet our group.

"That's great, what are you" Storm said bluntly

"Well I am, ahhh, an, umm, kind of a demonish creature" he stuttered. Storm jumped up and unsheathed his sword in the blink of an eye. I turned, unsheathing my blade, and our blades met, mine stopping his.

"Storm" I warned pushing his blade back with mine.

"Ariell. He is a demon, not human or even relatively close, don't do this." Storm pleaded taking a step back, but not sheathing his sword. I kept my blade up in case he attacked.

"Toni loves him, he loves her, she hasn't explained yet but I'm sure she will * glare glare* give them time" I stated "we will find out his true colors" projecting my thoughts to him. He looked at me dubiously but sheathed his sword, and walked away.

I found Storm electrocuting a tree, I honestly felt sorry for the tree. He was muttering under his breath something about evil demons and kill them all. Then I felt sorry for the demons, you never want to be the cause of storms wrath, thing might turn out a little, well crispy.

"Storm? If you want we can ask him not to travel with us. It's just Toni seems to be in love with him and it's Toni. I'm happy she found someone, demon or not." I spoke slowly

"Ari you wouldn't understand. Demons are evil incarnate they don't "love" or show compassion. He has to be just using her. But for what? I know it's harsh but I don't want Toni to have a broken heart." He said getting louder with every word. "He's not even human he's a beast, a monster!"

"And what about Tyri and Rayne? Are you calling them monsters. You have known them and you trust them with your life! They CAN show compassion, they can love. Kale is the same." I protested my voice getting louder as well

" Tyri and Rayne are different, they can be human! They…" Storm yelled

"It's not like he was given the choice, he doesn't have to be evil!" I yell

" I- I couldn't live with myself if-if he hurt you" his voice growing softer and sweeter. For once I had nothing to say. "I've lost to many people that I care about to demons I will not lose you too!" he said reaching over to grab me and pull me towards him. My face was in his chest and his face buried in my hair. My heart was fluttering like a humming bird.

"S-stor-rm" I stuttered.

"Please, don't." he begged

"I'm sorry but I cannot turn him away" I said. Storm shuddered. He let me go turned and walked away. I could not move it was as if I had been rooted to the ground. I felt tears gather in my eyes.